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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by John Dope, Jul 6, 2001.

  1. A combination of the smell of my HPS ballast, the bud, and electrical tape getting hot stinks up my room pretty bad.. like somethin awful. I went down to the pharmacy and got a glade plugin and stuck that in my room.. that cleard out the stink pretty well.. but its a hawaiian punch smell that smellls like that stuff they put on your teeth at the dentist to freeze them.. its pretty bad. Im wonderin if anyone has any ideas of how to remove stink from a room??
  2. Get and Air Tiger Ozone Generator. Good for up to 4000 Cubic Feet. I use it in my room and it doesn't smell at all. You can just smell the Ozone, which smeels like it does after a fresh rainfall. The Air Tiger retails for $200 (CAN).

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  3. yeah, id agree that an ozone generator would be nice.
    but maybe if your grow isn't too big, you dont need it. are you using fans in your grow room to keep the heat down, and having open windows in your room for the air to exchange, with the help of the fan pushing it around. i read an article written by Ed Rosenthal in regards to how fans can work as ionizers. look it up.
    theres also homemade ozone generators that ive read about.
    search through the posts, youll probably find some useful hints.


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