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Smell From a Bowl?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by rifefir, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. So i was gonna do a wake n bake before going into work but im going to use a glass spoon. Will people be able to smell it in my pocket right after i use it if they are standing near me? Because ill probably get fired if my manager finds out i smoke bud.

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  2. Why would you bring it with you? Definitely not the best idea.
  3. Just don't bring it with you guy? And yes, a freshly used piece of glass is going to stink for a little while afterwards.
  4. I think this is a good question of risk vs reward. The risk def seeems to be extreme compared to what you have to gain.
  5. I work with 95% weed smokers the dude brings a one hitter in and it reeks. But we have a chill boss. I'd recommend not bringing it in brother.
  6. What a stupid thread. Some people are really this stupid?
  7. [quote name='"washedmothafuka"']What a stupid thread. Some people are really this stupid?[/quote]

    Cool story. :bongin:
  8. Lol a story...? You just ain't the sharpest tool in the shed. No need to take it personally...
  9. If you rap it up you should be fine, also, why was there no " will I smell " question also , I'd be more scared of me smelling then my spoon
  10. Seriously man, not worth it. At least leave the pipe at home or something.
  11. To answer your question, yes it will give off a bad marijuana odor especially to people who don't frequent the smell of bowls.

    Put it in your car or something? Your pocket is a bad idea, find a better way of hiding it if you must and make sure it is sealed so it doesn't smell if you realllly need to bring it with you..
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    yes i guess some people are that stupid. One my first jobs i was like paranoid about smoking and getting fired then i realized they didnt pay me shit and i should enjoy it so i got baked as fuck 24/7. Then i find out my manager smokes towards then end when i quit.
  13. OP should name his bowl Dauphin (French word for dolphin) it sounds cooler :)

    It's pronounced dough-feen
  14. [quote name='"BuddhistBrian"']OP should name his bowl Dauphin (French word for dolphin) it sounds cooler :)

    It's pronounced dough-feen[/quote]

    And re-name her i shall haha

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