smell control?

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  1. what would the smell be of a garden 4x4, with 5 or 6 plants be like? what are simple ways to control / eliminate it.

    and would mirrors work better than mylar ducting or whatever it's called. wouldn't light just reflect off the mirror and you have 4 general mirrors completing a square.
  2. Mylar is way more reflective than mirrors. You really only need to worry about light reflection if it's a closed in space which i'm assuming is what you're doing since your trying to control the smell. Your best bet would prolly be to paint the walls white. Aluminum foil is also an option but you run the risk of burning yor plant.
    The only real way to control the smell is to either dedicate an entire to growing and run ducting and stuff for air filtration or build a sealed box with air filters and gel odor neutralizer. there are a few how to's here and there I'm pretty a few of 'em are stickied.
    Hope this helped.
  3. Mylar is the best. You can also paint the inside of your box white (reflects the light).
    As for the smell, you have several options:
    -Make a sealed box, with an extractor fan, and run some ducting from the fan to outside, so the air from the box is extracted out of the room and into the open.
    -Make a sealed box, add an extractor fan, and mount a carbon filter onto that.

    Hope I helped you. Check the stickes on how to make a carbon filter. Fans, ducting and commercial carbon filters are readilly available on the internet. Just Google ''Hydroponics''
  4. Mirrors will steal your light from you dude, also make or buy a carbon filter for the smell problem. Its a must have really, the smell from flowering girls is and should be very strong.

    Good luck
  5. Indeed, do not underestimate the smell man. You'll start to notice it in veg stage slightly on good strains, but in flowering forget about it, that smell goes everywhere if its not controlled. And then you get used to it, and you dont smell it yourself anymore, but everyone else will pick up on it right away. Like I said, do not underestimate odor control.

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