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smell advice?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Stoner Guy, Aug 6, 2011.

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    well spray is gone in like 2 days. and incense too obvious/smokey .
    smoke buddy is too expensive for activated carbon.

    with the living situation not suppse to smoke inside.
    how much and were do you get carbon/dryer sheets for a sploof?

    best / most convenient way out there?
    sick of getting sprays, candles ect. i smoke inside everyday.
  2. In the fish section at walmart for $7. Make a sploof out of it and spray ozium when your done just in case. Windows and fans help
  3. Make a dodo
  4. I'm positive you could've used the search function for this question but it's okay.
    You could try smoking through something that might leave slightly less smell...
    Usually if your smoking a blunt/joint, doesn't matter what you do afterwards, the house will smell. No matter what.
    However, bong rips you can easily do outside or blow the smoke out of a window. Same with a pipe or bubbler.
    You can buy yourself a vape and literally smoke inside all day, but I'd still probably buy some spray and spray lightly every few bowls.

  5. $7 supplies. X-treme sploofanator.

  6. would you mind detailing the products you used to make that little contraption? doesn't look too bad to be honest
  7. walmart $1.50 bounce and fishing supplies $6 bucket of activated carbon.

    that's a taped bottle with no bottom. layers: 2 bounce, 3-4 toilet paper, 3 carbon pouches wrapped in bounce, more bounce sheets.
  8. There is no use in hiding the smoke, it never works totally, even with a well-made sploof.

    Just take a walk outside and exhale downwind.

    As for storage, a glass jar with a rubber gasket works perfectly, even for the dankest strains.
  9. Shower method:

    1) Turn shower on high heat and put towel under door
    2) Wait for bathroom to get steamy
    3) Open vent/window in bathroom
    4) Smoke and blow your hits into the running water
    5) (Optional) Take a shower. This will guarantee that any smell of the smoke lingering in the room will be overtaken by the scent of soaps.
    6) If you skipped step 5, atleast pour some soap on the shower floor so that the smell fills the bathroom and covers any remaining smoke smell.

    This is honestly the best method for smoking indoors.
  10. it works for for me !
  11. yo just take that ish in the middle of the toilet paper right, and put some bounce in it and exhale through there. you don't even need to get any supplies. easy said and done
  12. smoke in your bathroom and breathe the smoke into the fan while its on. any smell will be gone within 2 minutes after the toke
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    Really? Then why does mine work every time I use it?

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