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Smell a sign of potency?...

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by bUdMoNkEy, Jun 11, 2004.

  1. ...i'm growing 7 plants - each in 5 gallon pots - outside: 3 from bagseed of unknown type and 4 'Hollands Hope' bought from a seed bank. All are approx 1.5ft in height, healthy looking and well into the veg stage. The 3 bagseeds are female and have now started producing pistules but have no smell whatsoever (the leaves are dark green, broad and short - indica?) whereas the four HH, which were planted a little later and are too young to sex as yet, stink to high heaven. Does the smell - or lack of it - relate to future quality/potency...
  2. ive had some stinkey bud before but it didnt get me too high but ive had some bud that has next to no smell at all that gets me high as all hell so it just depends on the strain. so id say no corrilation.

    and my babies which are 6 inches tall smell to high hell

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