Smartwater Gravity Bong

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  1. Hello, I’m currently using my homemade Gravity Bong, and I have a Smart-water cap with a monkey wrench socket for the bowl. To get the the socket in the cap I heated the top part of the nasal and fit it in, then heated it to make a secure fit. The “Smart-Cap” is like the cap of a baby bottle but not exactly I have a picture, my question is will the socket ever got enough to the point that it melts the plastic surrounding it?

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  2. Buy a real downstream/bowl to use instead of a socket you don't know what it's made off it could let fumes off:confused_2: can get hot to the point it will melt the plastic cap

    You can buy glass that's built for doing Gravity bongs
  3. Sorry new on here, did u mean “I don’t know if It can get hot enough” or it can get. Also can I get one from my local sports shop? Thanks for the reply!
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  4. Sports shop?? I don't think sport shops sell downstream/bowls dude.. you'd have to go to a headshop for one or shop online

    I meant it's possible it could melt then you'd inhale the plastic fumes

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