Smart Things Our Animals Brother Can Do

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    Octopuses are considered the most intelligent of all invertebrates, and are even smarter than most other species on the planet. They have both short and long-term memory, they can navigate mazes and escape from aquariums, and they have even been known to sneak aboard fishing boats, pry open holds and gorge on captured crabs. It's very tough to keep octopuses as pets due to their problem-solving skills and their ability to squeeze through openings no bigger than their eyeballs. Watch as this octopus manages to open a jar.

    If anyone wants to add feel free. This squid figures out what a jar is and just decided to open it. In sure a human never saw one before and had food in it he would smash it open
  2. A member of the highly intelligent bird family known as corvids, crows have often proven themselves just as clever as chimps and gorillas. Not only are their brains about the same size as some primates, but they share many behavioural similarities: using tools to get food, retaining memories, and anticipating future events to help them solve problems
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    Before we discovered that chimpanzees use sticks to dig and fish out delicious termites, it was believed that only humans wore the tool belt in the animal kingdom. But not only do chimpanzees use tools for food, they can also fashion weapons for hunting.

    Chimpanzees live in highly organized hierarchal societies, can appreciate a beautiful sunset, will mourn the death of a loved one, and can not only learn sign language but pass it along to others. We humans consider ourselves the most evolved species on earth but they can beat us in math and memory games!

    Capuchin monkeys can even understand what money is and use it. And they've been known to use money for prostitution. Yes you read right monkeys whore themselves out when they are taught about money.
  5. they may not be smart, BUT the only two mammals that lay eggs are the duck billed platypus and the spiny anteater. just a fun fact.  :ey:
  6. Most people don't give animals anywhere near the credit they deserve. We all just assume they are emotionless, thoughtless, instinct driven beasts.
    So... humans in other words? ;)
  8. octopuses are soooo fucking cool.
    they are by far one of the most alien looking creatures ever

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