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  1. I know everyone has heard at some point that marijuana is bad and will kill your brain cells fast, but how true is this. I ask this because the typical view of a stoner is well... a stoner. you imagine them as silly, uncoordinated and generally unaware, but how often does someone talk about a stoner and you imagine them sober? Of the people I have met who smoke weed id say about half were average or below, but i have also met alot of stoners who were really smart. Some of the top kids in my high school class were stoners and some of the people who ive met at colleges are stoners. I have thought, and am 99.9% convinced, that marijuana has no effect, other than getting stoned, on your brain. So, how many of you know or have know a smart stoner?
  2. Well, two of my friends are in my school's quiz team and they've done acid also.
    One in particular is an absolute genious.
  3. I'm a smart stoner that ended HS with above a 4.0 gpa. I think the only reason that people associate that is because you only hear about the dumb ones because they are dumb enough to let their name out and such. But of course sometimes that can't be controlled...
  4. I'd like to think that i got a little bit of the ol' brains goin' on. ya hur?
  5. maybe the weed has nothing to do with being smart or dumb,maybe its just a stupid lie made up by the goverment.
  6. I've always down good in school regardless of being high or not. It's just a ploy to get people not to smoke when its spread around that ALL smokers are dumb.
  7. Ok im gonna consider the fact that imo theres a big difference between being intelligent and acheiving in high school.
  8. I'd like to think of myself as a more "intellectual stoner" than a "smart stoner".
  9. yea there is a big diff between being intelligent and having a 4.0

    but either way I am definitely a "smart" stoner

    im in the top 10 of my class and am going to UW-madison next year

    everything in school just comes so easy to me Im in all advanced classes and everyone there studys and shit and has an A or a B and I go all blazed and have an A, dunno how I havent even brought my backpack home since christmas

    Ive done acid and shrooms too, everyone I hang out with tho is practically dropping out of school, like barely holding on.

    its pretty gay because i have NO ONE, like absoultely no one cool in any of my classes
  10. I did terribly in school.

    Just didn't care for it. I knew what i wanted to do with my life. School wasn't a huge part of it.

    I still to this day educate myself on what interests me and i feel is pertinent for me to know.

    I was one of the kids in highschool who would just cause trouble and get suspended because i already knew it all and didn't want to get up at 8:00 every day.

    Still seems to me that i retained alot of my intellect.
  11. Brian Wilson did pot, John Lennon did weed, and I can go on forever. If anything, some of the most brilliant people smoked weed.

    so lets get smarter everyone *toke toke toke*
  12. What's the diff to the converted? Who cares if they're "smart" or "stupid?" We've chosen this way of life irregardless of perception. People need their medicine and Marijuana happens to be ours. Maybe the person smoking is inherently smart or stupid but happens to be a stoner? The counterculture wages a daily battle against perception because people that are different are besieged by a shit load of stereotypes, which most times prove to be wrong. The age we live in is media driven and people literally suck on the tit of what they see over the air waves.
    Intelligence has already been misappropriated by the “sober” world, so why should I give a flying fuck if I'm not like them? I mean look at what they've done to this sacred planet brothers and sisters, they've literally turned it into a toilet. Who are the men behind this mass global upheaval? The intelligent and sober minded.
    I think the question should be why aren't more intelligent people getting stoned? Cuz if they did maybe genocide wouldn't be a word most people know.
    Peace, love, and dope bros get on your knees tonight and pray for a thing called hope.
  13. That's one of the misleading propaganda statements made by the anti-pot people. No one has been able to prove it... basically because They won't allow research that involves pot... but just a few years back, medical researchers found that brain cells do reproduce, so there's a chance that, even if pot destroys brain cells, they can be replaced with new cells that the body creates.
    You got that right. High school achievement requires little more than 'book smarts' and retention of facts. Intelligence is the capacity to learn and to solve problems. Yeah, BIG difference!
  14. I don't post much, but I thought I'd reply to this... I am graduating in two weeks with a double B.A. in English and Sociology and have a $15,000/year scholarship to NYU Law for next year, so I guess I'm smart by most people's standards.

    Also, I feel like getting up at graduation and doing a huge PSA for weed, because I didn't start smoking until sophomore year, and I've gotten mostly A's since then... in high school and my freshman year here, I got horrible grades. I honestly think pot helps me concentrate, or at least makes me happy enough to be willing to do homework and not just sleep and party all the time.

    Most of the world's great minds are either a little mentally unbalanced or have some sort of addiction... alcoholism, weird sexual fetishes, weed, gambling, et cetera. Look at Hunter S. Thompson or Ben Franklin.
  15. me, i'm really smart, but i'm a lazy bastard. i was alazy bastard before i smoked weed and will forever be one.
  16. I don't think you'll find those two names in the same sentence anywhere in the world but here! Nicely done! My hat's off to you, aquarius! I think this would be an appropriate post for +rep... :D :rolleyes: :cool:
  17. I guess you could call me a full ride to the school of my choice (Stevens Tech-people in NY area probably have heard of it, also got into Carnegie Mellon, GA tech, stanford), captain of the science team, president of the national honor society, math honor society vice president, perfect math sat score... But yeah, though i'm sure weed does kill some brain cells, so does holding your breath for a bit or slapping yourself on the head so the damage is pretty minimal. My best friend is even more of a stoner and got into several ivy league schools and is going to princeton next year.
  18. I am a smart stoner, I have smoked bud for the last three years and gotten into a good college. You need to grow up and lose the stereotypes...
  19. There was a French poet in the late 19th century who claimed that cannabis enhanced the intelligence of those whom were already intelligent, and degraded people of below average intelligence to moronic degenerates.

    I say this is an over-exageration, but interestingly enough a friend of mine and I had an interesting conversation while coming back from the beach yesterday.

    We were talking about weed and dependence and he asked me if I thought I was dependent on marijuana. I thought about it for a minute or so and said "somewhat, I'm definately obsessed with it, but I don't know if I'm outright psychologically dependent on it. It definately makes things FEEL easier to do, but they're really not the more I think about it."

    He then said "Alot of my friends up north got addicted to weed and generally became dumber from my perspective. All they ever did was smoke weed in their free time. It wasn't detrimental or anything, they could still function, but it disturbs me somewhat to see such a large amount of dependence on any substance."

    I concurred. Then we started talking about what it was we thought made people dumber. I said:

    "They say that the Rastafarians won't touch bomb (dank, sinsemilla weed) because they believe it to be unnatural, which is against their religion. Sometimes I wonder whether or not regular use of dank causes stupidity since I use only small amounts of mids every day rather than outright dank, and I can still function in everyday society. I like dank when it's around, but it's far more potent and somewhat more debilitating than schwagg or mids. Still, I don't think it makes you less intelligent, even with regular use, I haven't met many stoners, but most of them are of average intelligence. I think it's more dependant on the personality and how each person interacts with cannabis than the substance itself."

    He said my opinion was interesting and he expressed his hopes that whatever happened, that I would stop cannabis use if I noticed that my intelligence was becoming lowered. I said I didn't think that would ever happened, but I thanked him for his concern for my well-being.

    Anyways, that's the whole of it. Hope this gives you some insight.

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