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  1. I've been thinking about upgrading to 5 gal smart pots. I've been using 5gal buckets for a while now, but I'm looking to change things up. Just got a couple questions 1. Has anyone noticed a big difference? 2. Are they reusable?
  2. The biggest difference is the fact that the root will not wrap around and around inside the container. The root end will get caught in fabric and die then new roots will sprout off. Therefore you will have less chance for the plant to become root bound. Another advantage of the Smart Pot is being able to wet the outside of pot on real hot summer days.

    Yes ideally they can be used again but they are a tremendous pain in the ass to clean.

    If you type smart pot in the search engine you should find all the answers you are looking for.

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  3. I know what they help do with the roots, but I'm wondering if anyone has actually noticed a difference after switching from pots. Thanks for answering question number 2 though. I couldn't imagine trying to clean out a cloth pot. Every place I've looked at say they are reusable though.
  4. A root bound plant never reaches its full potential or in some instances stop growing entirely. The roots are the foundation to your plant. So I believe I did answer question 1 unless you are not interested in getting full potential out of your plant. My suggestion to you would be to do a side by side test on your next grow.

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  5. I made the switch from buckets to smart pots and I did see a big difference.. In the buckets I had to be careful about how long I vegged my little ones, but in smart pots you can continue to let her grow as long as you want..

    Check out this link and you'll see my current girls.. I myself am also a smart pot reuser.. If my girls have any problems during the grow then I'll wash my pots before I use them, but if not I let them go..

    A good way my hydro guy told me to clean them is to put them in an old pillowcase and tie it off then go to a laundry mat and wash them there.. Happy growing..:wave:
  6. Can you really just transplant with the original smart pot in place, into a larger smart pot with no problem? I see Russy do it, so it must be possible... so are there any other steps involved?
  7. You don't say if you growing indoors or out - my experience is in and since this is the indoor forum I guess it is probably safe to assume yours is as well. Another thing about smart pots is that you can maintain a healthy plant through flowering using less medium than you would need in traditional pots. I would guess that you would get the same results as a 5 gallon bucket in a 3 gallon smart pot. I grow in tents with Blumats and after trying 1,2,3, and 5 gallon versions the 2 gallon smart pot works best for my setup. One Blumat can keep a 2 gallon pot fed and the plant won't get too tall with that small of a root mass. A 5 gallon pot was just a waste of coco in my setup because I don't want to veg plants long enough to fill out the pot. 3 gallon also worked well for larger plants but I had to use 2 Blumats to keep the coco moist.

    I do reuse the smart pots and I agree they are a pain to clean. The worst part is that perlite will get snarled in the fabric and it is best to get all the perlite out before you run the pots through the washing machine.

    I have never transplanted smart pot into smart pot but it makes perfect sense that it would work because the roots do grow through the fabric - it is exposure to air that causes the tips to die off. You get a white crust of dead roots on the outside of the pots if they are doing their job right and you aren't using too much medium for the size of plant. If there is more medium outside the fabric then the roots will just keep growing.

    Anyways yes they are worth it imo, at least at the scale I grow.
  8. Superoots Air Pots are better IMO. A bit more expensive, but they are much more convenient and make transplanting wicked simple. Check them out if you are interested:

    Air-Pot Garden
  9. Yes smart pots are re usable i'm reusing some smart pots this year and there doing great.
  10. Hi there. I was wondering if any of you could pot some images of growing in smart pots?
  11. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1453508448.743130.jpg

    5 gallon dirt pot.
  12. I brush as much as I can out of my smart pots and toss them in the washing machine. Its not that hard too brush out most everything. Use an actual brush if needed, but I have no problems just using my hands. I don't use soap and they're clean as can be.

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    1st pic is a 5 gallon smarties in a sip. The safety pins are how I lst smart pots

    2nd pic is 15 gallon fabric container in a sip under a scrog

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  14. All in 5 gallon smart pots, florida gold in the back is 3.5 ft from stalk...huuuuuge

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