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  1. Hey guys and gals,
    My girls just start flowering this past week. They are in 7 gallon smart pots and are about 5ft tall. The roots are starting to grow out of the bottom of the pots into the ground below them. I will be moving them to my terrace where I can protect them better from New England fall weather. Should I throw them into 15 gallon pots at this time? Thanks!! 20170818_113041.jpg 20170818_113055.jpg
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  2. Just my 2¢, but I would leave them in the pots that they're in. If the roots are growing out of the bottom, move them to shelter, if you have to, but move them soon and never again.

    The more the roots are disturbed, the more stress the plant feels. There are few things more disappointing than having to deal with nanners pop out of you newly formed colas and having to decide if you should wack the plants or deal with pulling nanners out for the next two months. Been there. If transplanting has to happen, it should happen in veg.

    Again, just my 2¢.

    Edit: on a side note, your plants look phenomenal.
  3. Thank you baconman! I think with smart pots (fabric) you don't have to remove the smaller pot. I could stick the 7 in the 15 and the roots would grow into it undisturbed. If they were in plastics I wouldn't bother...
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  4. I've only ever grown in fabric pots, and I've never heard of anyone doing that. I guess you could...I wonder if any sort of anaerobic bacteria or bad fungus would grow on the container that's buried.

    I'm curious to see what happens, if you do do that. Please post again in a month or two to let us know how they're doing!
  5. I think you'll be ok. I'd transplant it if you want a bigger yield. Just cut the smartpot with scissors and gently peel it off without flipping the plant upside down or smacking it loose. My plants literally showed no stress whatsoever. Growth definitely picked up. The fresh soil alone will do wonders

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