Smart meters?

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  1. I recently discovered that our apartment complex has installed 10 new smart meters.
    Being bored, i looked up info about them and numerous people have said they detrimental to health. I saw a symptoms list of living near a smart meter. Basically i have most of the symptoms (tinnitus,headaches,insomnia). I also learned that these smart meters emit radiation and high electronic frequency. Also, your local utility company can install these things against your consent, and if you try to break it you can be charged with vandalism. Idk about yall, but i dont want this fucking meter shooting out radiation and electronic frequency all the time. Any of you guys got smart meters? And if so, have you noticed a decline in health?

  2. Wow, scary shit. Just more signs of the govts ever reaching tentacles. Soon we won't be able to sneeze without FEMA showing up.
  3. These smart meters are just a new way of catching weed growers. That is literally why they exist.
  4. This is what Patrick Woods talks about with his video and talks about Technocracy.
    Technocracy and smart meters are stupid and evil.

    It's all in your head.

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  6. yall paranoid

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    Did you read any of the comments? Not saying they're right, but there are a lot of people disputing what the article says, and they seem pretty damn educated.
  8. What is a Smart Meter, I have never heard of these before.
  9. Don't forget your tinfoil hat.  It keeps the rays from penetrating your brain.
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    I don't know this for sure, but I think smartmeters transmit their data wirelessly so someone doesn't have to check it every month. Just to add some credibility, my parents have a tower on their property designed to handle this shit exactly.
  11. As someone whom is a conspiracy theorist. Believes in the AA theory and government funded bases on moon, and is looking out his window 100 times a day. Stop being so paranoid. 
  12. I can't view comments on mobile on that site.

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