Smart Idea or Dumb Idea?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Daggermouth, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. I know I can just go in and buy some, but I was considering going to a store, picking up 2 bottles of robo gels, going in the bathroom and swallowing them all in there.

    I wouldn't have to sneak out a package..

    Do you think this would work? I'm cheap and this idea doesn't seem so bad.
  2. It might work.
  3. Well it may work but I hope you don't do it man.Stealing isnt right.Atleast try and get some money from some friend's or something.You could get 3 buck's each from 3-4 people and get the money that way.
  4. dude, its like 12.50 with tax...
    you really wanna get high that bad? :/
  5. I know stealing is bad, and I don't want to hear 100 replies saying that. All I'm asking is if you think this could work.
  6. I personally don't care about steeling. My only concern would be your safety. I mean, why not just get a dime instead of popping a bunch of pills?
  7. Yes. My brother used to get boxes of condoms and walk into the bathroom, stick them in his pants, and throw the box away.
    That's back when he was too scared to buy them.
  8. I was so sure that's what you were going to say...
  9. So was I. Weird how the logical turnout threw us for a loop. :p
  10. it could work

    it just isn't worth it
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    i think it would work, i mean i have just walked out of the store with them rattling in my

    i try not to do that crap anymore though just cause stealing is so immoral.
  12. Just like with everything else. It will work if you don't get caught. People get caught taking clothes into the bathroom everyday and people get away with taking clothes into the bathroom everyday.
  13. Why don't you just bring a small bag (like for weed), walk into the bathroom, take the pills out the package, put them in the bag, stash them somewhere on you, and walk out.

    Better than taking a bunch and puking right in the store or something.
  14. lol bro Ive stolen almost everything you can steal from a store,and have never gotten caught,Sept this one time at a convenience store but i just ran out and that was that,i steal something everytime I'm in a store.

    you only get caught when your being stupid or being with someone that is stupid.Just dont look stupid

    Also grab some whip-its and food while your in there.
  15. It would prob work but dont do it at a store you go to alot because if they have video cameras... they could recognize you or something
  16. lol, not something to be proud of.

    maybe do what he said, but to that guy, it usually take about an hour for you to start feeling nauseous.
  17. I personally think stealing and robotripping are dumb, but it could work. Hope you don't get caught/die

  18. im very proud of it,Ive been stealing shit from stores since i was 12 years old and never have been caught.(knock on wood)

    there's nothing wrong with stealing from large corporations

    just don't steal from mom and pop stores that's something ill never do.
  19. I was going to go off on a paragraph on how your a huge scum bag until I read your last two sentences. Nicely done :hello:
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    dumb idea!!!! the concentration of DXM is stronger in robo fluid rather than the gel tabs. and make sure you know your body weight in Kilograms. That's the smart way to get to plateau 2 and 3, instead of chugging as much as you can until you throw up. oh and if you just feel high or whatever, your only on the first plateau, the second and third are where you start to trip.

    yeah that would work but you might as well figure your shit out and snag a few bottles of robo fluid and just dip out of the store. thats how some of my buds get alcohol, the other's are just pro's

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