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    What are some strains that, while being small, produce lots of dro?
    Also, is all weed grown in the ground schwag?

  2. I am growing Northern Lights by Nirvana and it is a perfect strain for micro grows with super tight node spacing and a compact structure.

    As for your second question, you clearly have a lot to learn before growing. It's alright, though, everyone has to start somewhere. ;) Schwag is weed with bad genetics which is allowed to be pollinated, and isn't cured properly. It has nothing to do with the style it is grown, although most schwag is grown in the ground. It is grown in almost the same style that farmers grow corn, just thrown out there and more or less left alone until harvest.

    "Dro" as you called it is referring to hydroponically grown buds. Hydroponics allow you to grow and flower your plants faster, and a lot of people would argue that it will yield better, but most people seem to think that the quality of the bud is either the same, or slightly better with soil grows.

    Sometimes people use the word "dro" when talking about sensimilla buds, or buds allowed to grow without ever being pollinated. Other words for this are "dank" or "chronic." Using the word "dro" when talking about sensimilla buds makes no sense to me, as it doesn't matter if it is grown hydroponically or not, dank buds are dank buds.

    Ever hear of Humboldt county in California? :wave: It is known for producing some of the best buds in the world. The reason the buds from this area are so good is because the climate is great for marijuana, and the people there have a lot of experience growing it. A lot of people up there grow their weed in the ground, and believe me, they aren't growing shwag.
  3. 100% correct

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  4. schwag isnt bad genetics. it is poor growing, harvesting and curing techniques. Take mexican brick weed for example. Its actually really good genetics but since they let it seed and throw it in a big pile in the sun after harvesting to dry, and then squish into bricks as tight as they can it ruins the weed

  5. Is it? Most bag seed grows I've seen from mexican brick weed were pretty mediocre it seemed. I guess bad genetics is maybe an exaggeration, but I don't know if I'd call them good either. I've never grown them out to see how they compare to the "good" genetics I've seen grown, so what do I know?

    We do both agree, though, that the treatment of the weed is what makes it schwag, way more so then genetics
  6. Yeah you might want to look into reading about autoflowers. A lot of people have had success with Easy Ryder due to its short height, potency, and relative lack of odor. Does anyone have any other suggestions for regular strains that are good for micro grows?

  7. from my understanding, any strain has the potential to be great with a nurturing grower. the growers fault if its schwag. and totally agree with you about calling weed dro.
  8. Well, really, that can just be explained by the fact that bag seed is nearly always the result of uncontrolled crossing. The seeds you buy from seed banks have been carefully produced by crossing certain plants to select for certain traits. If you just cross a random two plants, a number of the seeds will have some undesirable traits. Some of them might turn out really well, but others, they'll just be terrible. What this means is that even if the weed you got the seeds from is the best mids you've ever smoked, there are no guarantees that the weed produced from those seeds will be anywhere near as good, and there are no guarantees that seeds from brickweed won't produce great weed.

    OP, sorry, I guess your thread has officially been hijacked... once again, sorry.

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