Smallest size pot for growing clones

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by D3t0x, Aug 3, 2008.

  1. Well, I wanted to grow the largest amount of clones possible. In order to do that I wanted to fit in many small sized pots. So, what are the smallest sized pots I could grow the clones in till harvest time?
  2. if you want to grow them fully a good few gallons at least, or 20 litre bubble buckets.
  3. I answered but if you want more exact pot sizes you need give give more specs of your grow, how tall will they be and hydro or soil? I'm guessing soil

  4. my first attempt @ a aero cloner was container with 3/8 holes every 2-3 inches took a piece of 3/8 tubing 1" long slit the side all the way down the tube <for removal after rooting> and made my cloning cut an inch and a half from bottom leaf so stem held on the top of the tubing worked well but scraped roots if you left them in too long now i like the 2" bags or net pots

  5. Yeah, thanks for the reply. I'm planning on growing northern lights, in soil. I'm not sure yet of the exact dimensions I just wanted to get a vague idea because I'm planning on buying the required equiment soon. :smoke:
  6. im also planning a similar thing, i plan to clone soon, and was going to put clones under 12/12 as soon as they rooted...i was thinking like two liter bottles, maybe even one liter but i dont know....good luck man....let us know when you start, i'd be interested to follow it.

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