smallest plant i ever grew!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ForrestGreen420, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. She's about roughly four inches and I think she will yield about a bowl lmao

  2. Haha Yes!!! I would fucking dry that thing perfectly, and put it in a jar and save it for a year then smoke it on Christmas morning:)
  3. Haha hell yeah it's such a mini. SDiesel Ryder this shura gotten much bigger!
  4. Looks like a dog chewed it up then took a nice steamer around it.
  5. Kind of looks like a volunteer plant I just recently tossed in the compost pile
  6. how old is that little plant?
  7. i had a cat leave a steamer by my grow
  8. It's like a month and a half old loll
  9. It's jus something I grew for fun in the ground by my other plants just not what I expected. The soil is not good though but it definitely defeats the other smallest plant I had a cupl years back
  10. this happened to me once.... got an eighth is all
  11. Ahh someone stole my avatar.
  12. My bad bro, it's just my temp while I wait for a guy to make mine. My bad, a little-new this forum site.

  13. lol awwww look at the little cutie!

    haha I put a plant in the ground near my house way to late into the season. It's probably about a foot tall, and has little hairs all over it. I'm hoping for at least two joints off of it :yay::smoke:

  14. wow man....
    this is mine after one month

  15. i harvested a plant that matured super quick yesterday it was only 2 ft probably got an eighth
  16. twice now:eek:
  17. [quote name='"subvana"']

    almost looks like a male plant... :confused:[/quote]

    No its not that's what the bud looks like before fully bloomed. Its the calyxes before they open a lot. But I can see where you would think that. I harvested it and lost it cuz of my friends stoner ass ahahaha whatever all is good in the grow so far the auto was just for fun :)

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