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  1. Hi there.
    Im setting up my room for perpetual harvests of 4 plants every 2 weeks.ive got 2 tents,a 145x145x200cm flowering tent with 600w lumatec.

    ive just purchased a 60x60x160cm tent for vege which i would like to keep 1 or 2 mothers to take 8-10 clones every 2 weeks and of those sucessful clones i will keep 4 and put them in small pots with soil to vege for 2 weeks on a shelf ill make so they sit same hight as top of mothers to reduce stretch (i realise space will be tight but ill make it work).im going to split the small vege tent by having a small shelf in the top to hold my cloning humidity dome.this means my mother area will end up being about 110-120cm not my question to the world is what lighting options do i have for this small space to produce healthy mothers that bounce back well and also give my freshly rooted clones the best start.currently i have a 150w one of these: compact-fluorescent-light-cfl-150-w-grow-6500k-with-adaptor.jpg
    with 2 clones sitting under it.would that do what i require in a 60x60cmarea?
    Thanks in advance
  2. 2 Mars II 400 Led
  3. How many watts are have thought 1 would do it.i was looking at them but theres quite a few reviews saying mars leds are shite.i was thinking maybe a 90 watt California lightworks vegmaster.
  4. No need to waste space on mothers. Take your clones from plants that are growing to replace the ones you will harvest next. The softer, newer shoots down inside and near the lower part of the plant are always easier to clone and show roots the fastest. On the average plant that is vegging and growing to refill your flower room, you can pull clones off the stuff we normally cut off to trim the plant up on the stalk. Keeping mothers takes up a lot of space and you also end up with really wacked out plants because they've been cut on so many times. I started doing this about 5 yrs ago and it really saves on space and cuts down on light issues. One 600 watt lamp is not going to flower more than 2 plants at a time and honestly, I wouldn't do over 1 at a time with it. To get the most from each plant you flower, the plant needs the highest wattage/best quality flower lighting you can hang above it and it takes wattage to force these plants to produce. Giving them space during flower is also just as important so light can penetrate the canopy of the plant and you don't shade out growth from having plants crowded together. Flowering less plants at a time and giving the ones you do flower the absolute best conditions and optimal wattage/light quality is how you get the best harvest from each plant. Light and plant need to be as close as possible during flower without causing light burn, so light can penetrate the canopy and develop out the buds down inside the plant. Otherwise, you only get solid bud development out of the tops of your plants. If you plan on flowering 4 plants, I would get at least 1 more 600 watt HPS to go with the one you have. Otherwise, 2 plants is about all you'll be able to push at once with the 600 watt. Better lighting gets you better plants. That's just the way it works with the indoor grow. We're trying to mimic the sun which is impossible, so you have to overkill on flower lighting to get the plant to grow the way you want. Happy growing! TWW
  5. Ive done 4 plants and got 20 ounces off that one 600 watt.basically im not trying to grow big trees im trying to get around 6 ounces every 2 weeks by cycling 4 rows of 4 plants (obviously they wont be huge which is the point)rather than wait 2 - 3 months for 16-20 ounces i can get 20 at minumum in the same time with perpetual harvesting by getting 4 ounces minumum every 2 weeks.its a bit of work but well worth it to me.thanks for your input ill have someone saying it cant be done even though theres alot of info floating round on people who are doing exactly this.also there is an argument taking clones of clones of clones can damage the strain over not to or for this argument but hey i just wana keep mums incase something happens-insurance lol;)! Im just trying to find out what would be the best lighting to go for to keep the mums healthy but also keep the power usage down in the 60x60 tent.2 400 watt mars leds in that size space seems waaaaaay extreme
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