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Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by Toberson, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. Hi,
    Ive noticed that alot of the grow boxes are fairly small on here and i have just made one that is about half a meter maybe 3 quarters of a meter high and was wondering will i be able to grow it in there and then harvest it from there? I have no outdoor places to put it and its a stealth grow.

    Wont the leaves get squashed against the sides of it?
  2. the few small grows here are jsut for kicks... not a serious grow for a good yeild.... im sorry....

    and how big is a meter? isnt that like 39" or something? so half a meter is about 20", so id say yeah, if you train the plant to be very low and use a low height reflector it should work alright... what are the complete dimensions of your box?
  3. 19 inch tall 9 inch deep and 9 wide... I have a light on the top that is only 30w but should work until i save up for a new one, and its coverd in tin foil, and then in the middle there is a box with three party cups in.

    What soil should i use? (UK)
    Can i use garden soil?

    Thanks john
  4. garden soil will be fine, but be sure to get a PH meter and check the ph (optimally around 6 - 7)

    in a box that small id suggest only using it for vegatative growth (or cloning, since thats a pretty small space) but if you do decide to flower in there dont expect anymore than maybe an 8 gram yeild (at most).....

    for a decent harvest your gonna need at least 12" x 12" x 24" tall (preferably 18" x 18" x ~30" tall for a small grow)

    just remember 50w per sq. ft. or 3000 lumens minimum ;)
  5. how much is that? quarter? half? ounce?
  6. theres 28 grams in an oz, so what i meant to say was 10 - 14 gram (i was thinking 8 as in a half pound, not thinking oz:p)

    so a bit less than 1/2oz at the most (using scrog, or another method of training to get the plant to branch out more)
  7. Well im gonna use a bigger box ive got which is 20 inch length 20 tall and 11 wide and 20 deep

    How much will this produce?
  8. Also john you got and IM program? Great to chat with ya bout this instead of posting?
  9. you gave 4 dimensions, when a box only has 3:confused:

    (width x depth x height)
  10. height is 20 width is 20 and depth is like 0

    its fairly big

    how much will i get? and also u got IM?
  11. what is the depth? you cant grow in a 2d box :)p)

    and check you PMs...
  12. I meant 10, too stoned lol..
  13. its really hard to tell what the yeild will be... theres too many factors... light, nutes, growing method, etc....

    but anywhere from .75 - 3 oz would be a good estimate (i know, theres a big difference)
  14. I have a crappy light though.. its only 30w but its only temp i got like 4 60w wat bulbs but no connectors lol.

    This is what i have basically..

    Its a box (dimensions already given) with a box tool box inside with some party cups in and some soil and then a bulb coming in forum the side. a hole at the bottom and one at the top, i have a fan at the top one.

    Will this work?
  15. what type of bulbs are they? you cant use just regular incandecent light bulbs... your gonna need either compact flouros or an HPS or MH light system.....

    other than that i guess it should work... i just cant picture you setup... have you got any pictures?
  16. eRM, its a bulb of of a lava lamp lol all it says on it is GE 240V 30W M2 HUNGARY 240 V 30 W..

    I dont have pics sorry, ima go see if i can borrow my dads cam.
  17. Ok maybe not he hasent got the disk for the drivers for ma comp so it would have to go on his and then to mine so No seen as is this is a stelth grow ;)
  18. i dont think that gonna work..... your gonna need a few compact flourecent lights... they look like this....

  19. Damn, i dont have any money, how come you cant use any lights?
  20. certain wavelengths of light arent usful to a plant, and an incandecent lightbulb is mainly far red spectrum light... no use for plants... has to be either flourecent, high pressure sodium, or metal halide.

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