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  1. I am going to be working with a limited amount of space, what are some ways to keep the plants short?
  2. to grow in small spaces do ScROG you basicly put a chicken wire screen or any screen with at least 2" spacing and make teh plant grow under the screen. the plant will naturaly try to grow above the screen by starting new shoots but you take teh ose shoots adn keep pushing them under the screen until its almost full then you wait till teh shoots are about 1/2-3/4" above the screen then flower and train the overgrow to fill whats left of the screen. what you end up with is a plant with a flat top (or curved to the light if you want) and this spreads the plant out for maximum surfacea area makeing the most out of the light and area. Its the most effecient meathod of growing.

    What kind of space are you dealing with?
  3. what is topping, or fim? If you tie the plant down, how old does it have to be before you do it, and how do you tie it?
  4. gr0wer-

    "but you take teh ose shoots adn keep pushing them under the screen until its almost full "

    What do you mean keep pushing them under, i dont really understand the technique, i will have the dimensions of the room soon.
  5. there are several posts in the city from where people have done all kinds of low stress training. i dont know if the pictures on my post demonstrate anything, but i do have pictures of plants in veg stage that have been fimmed, tied down and topped. so you may want to take a look. my latest pictures show the end result of one plant that was tied down, and one that was fimmed.
  6. imagine the plant is growing then it reaches the screen. you let it gorw about an inch above teh sceen then you bend that shoot so the screen holds the plant down. You keep doing this for all the shoots and it makes the plant have a flat top where the screen is. At every node there will be a new shoot and they will all start to grow because the plant wants to grow verticaly. Then you direct aproximatley one shoot per hole and flower it and let it grow into a small cola. You end up with a box filled with many small colas. overgrow is down now but her eis an ok example of scrog.
  7. my dimensions are,

    Height- 37in
    Width- 26.5in
    Depth- 15.5in
  8. Thats a perfect area for a 2 plant scrog with a 150w hps at the top. you wil have pleanty of area to work with in that big of a space.
  9. what about cfls??
  10. If you want t use CFl's buy 4x42 watt and place them horizonatly with the bases facing the shorter side walls and make some type of reflector that they areattached to, to make the most out of them adn be able to move them up and down. But 4 cfls would run you about 10 and change a pop so your talking $40+dollars and for $45 you can just get a 150W home depot security light, take it apart, mount it at the top with some type of reflector make it remote ballast and you can pull 2+ oz easy with soil.. and around 4 oz with hydro. So in the long run and short your way beter off buying the 150w HPS. The cfls are only usefull for micro veg boxes because they come in daylight spectrum ive used 3 of them in a 11x10x12 veg box for my outdoor grwo and they made small bushey ass plants (what you shoudl expect form 3300Lumens per sq foot of dayllight).
  11. the thing is i already have a lot of cfls cool and warm
  12. is the scrog method used when confined to small places only?

    basically from what i understand, youd end up with more bud right....

    can you do it in any growing conditions to create more yield?
  13. It can be done under larger lights it just takes allot of time rper square foort to train the plants. many grower like to just use the SOG meathod for almost anything above 600W because its just easier to take clones put them in the grow room and flower them, then train them for hours every few days. sog also give the same effect only on a larger scale. teh main problem with 70-150W bulbs is they dont penetrate much and having big tall plants would be stupid because only the top would be lit and the rest would grow small ass buds.

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