Small Plant For 2 Weeks Old?

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  2. Also, unfortunatley when i planted it, it was at sunset, and did not realise the sun would rise behind a large tree. So the plant is only getting aroudn 6 hours of direct sunlight a day?
  3. not a good location
  4. Becausw of the shade? Ill be taking a saw and some choppers down there this week and hacking it to death untill it gets more sun
  5. it does look stunted but otherwise ok. jus let it be and it will grow. you said "fast growing" but that would be under optimal conditions. yours, unfortunately, are not optimal.
  6. Hey thanks for your input, How long should i wait before i feed it nutes and do you think ill get a good yield from this plant if i can increase its daily direct sunlight :)?
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    at the rate it is growing i'd say anywhere between 2-4 weeks b4 nutes. keep an eye on it she will let u know when she's hungry. yield could be decent but will also be affected by grow environment and any other issues that may arise. try to keep her as happy as possible. more sun always helps,
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    Yeah if your not getting shade from a greenhouse then its no bueno. I would stick it somewhere where you can give it atleast 10 hours of solid sunlight a day or its always going to be scrawny, the more sun the better. If i was in your situation i would dig wide and deep around it to try an get a big clump and put it in a better area. I would say wait until its more mature before you transplant but the longer you wait the further your gonna get behind and your kinda already behind. If you dont expose or damage any roots i doubt it will have transplant shock and if it does it will be minimal and survive. Ive transplanted a seedling that small and it didnt go through any shock at all. Thats just my 2 cents on the subject.

    Or you can just pop another bean in a better spot and see which one does better.
  9. Yeah ive got 3 grows in 3 different locations to optimise chances of atleast one not being found or murdered. I will try and transplant it tomorrow. If i can move it just 2ft over it will be in direct sunlight for about 10hours
  10. Thats not hard lol. Just dig another hole where you want it as deep as your going to make your clump you dig up. What are you using for nutrients? An are those straight into the earth or did you dig a hole and fill it with soil?
  11. Dug up and Filled with soil, nothing special, just all purpose soil and some perlite. And im not sure i havnt done much research on nutrients, I was thinking of just getting some 20-20-20 from my local gardening shop. Any recommendations?
  12. If you can find something for tomatoes thats probably your best bet. 20-20-20 isnt bad though. You may want to look into some micro nutrients too. Organic is the way to go if your growing outdoors though. Look at some pics or videos of organic grows in 30 gal bags or bigger, you can get 10 pounds a plant if you do it right.
  13. When people say organicwhat are they reffering to? All natural?
  14. Yeah no synthetic fertelizers. Theres some good recipes to make some in the organics section. Most of them consist of blood meal, bone meal, kelp meal and earthworm castings. Those are the foundation for your nutes some recipes call for more or different things and sometimes youll add limestone it really all depends. Ive called every nursery and garden center near me and nobody carries any of those things and they couldnt direct me anywhere either. If you wanna go organic and cant find amendments to make your own go to a hydro shop and buy some fox farms ocean forest or another good organic soil they carry. If you dont have a hydro shop you can always order some. Organic makes a big difference in taste from sythetic too. Take a super lemon skunk plant grown in bydro agains one grown organic and the organic one is going to have a stronger more vibrant lemon taste everytime.

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