Small Grow Space :(

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by manhex, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Ok heres the deal, i got Height: 30 " width 24" and is another 24" deep. I know about the height constraints but damn i wanna grow my stuff and its all i got. Can i make it work? Buddy of mine told me i could prune my plants and cut em down in height but i know thats a bunch of crap. So some advice would be awsome. I might be able use a space that is a little wider but only like 6 inches higher. Also i was wondering about the 18/6 and 24/7 which is better for the veggie stage? And someone told me i wanted about 7000 to 7500 lumens per sq foot isnt that a lil much to get a plant to grow? Well i appriciate any help from yall. Peace out stay High :smoke:
  2. look up on the forum for micro grows, SOG(sea of green), SROG(screen..)
  3. There are ways to stress the plant to grow small, like topping. use the search button for Topping, FIMing and LSTing. And you can also bend plants. You can grow a 4 foot tall plant in your 3 feet of space...maybe, by bending the stem and tie it off. just search those.
  4. Yes you should be able to make it work. I have right at 3 feet of clearance and have no problems using the techniques llockhart mentioned. Generally the more light the better but such a small space can cause heat to be an issue with some of the bigger lights. In that small a space a 250 watt HPS would probably serve you well without too much heat.

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