Small Gauges

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  1. Will small gauges ever let your ear go back to its original form?
  2. you're safe up till a zero gauge. 0g.

    after that you're risking/asserting plastic surgery.

    keep it trilla.
  3. Alright than you bro.
  4. I got mine up to 5/8 and they healed back up to normal. But I wouldn't push it 00 would be safe

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  5. Up to 2g is actually considered the point of no return, but a lot of people can go past that and still end up just fine. I wouldn't go past 0g if you're worried.
  6. i have had small gauges and when i went to the looney bin at one joint they made me take em out....healed up by the time i got i have 2's and they still will close up if i take the earring out. i would not go past 2 if u are concerned
  7. Alright thank you all very much.

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