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  1. Hi,
    First grow, outdoors.
    1 month old, getting sun for 14 hours.
    I'm pretty sure that she's flowering(?) and she is so small!
    My mistake was that 1 week ago I thought she was pre-flowering so I put her under CFL light when the sun come down. How bad it is?
    In this stage, can I pause flowering to continue veg for a bigger plant?

    420-magazine-mobile268115778.jpg 420-magazine-mobile746315504.jpg 420-magazine-mobile1782341326.jpg
  2. keep her flowering. Vegging now will disrupt her growth big time
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  3. It'll take a 2 weeks- month to get it back to reveg. You wont have enough flower time and she'll just die. I'd just let it flower.

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  4. Thanks for the quick responses!
    What do you mean by i don't have enough flower time? i have a least 12 h of sun until November
  5. It depends where you live. Outdoor plants here are already floweing. Looks like yours is too. Which means as of now the natural lighting is not enough to stay out of flower.

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  6. I understand.
    The problem is that the plant is extremely small, don't think the hassle is worth it
    Any ideas to increase yield?
    She grew in half a gallon, can I transplant to a larger pot?
  7. She's early enough that i think now is your best bet. She will stretch within the next week or two.
    Try really hard not to disturb the root zone. But shes going to need more than half a gal.

    Light is you're only friend for best yield and some decent nutes.

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  8. Your plant looks great. She looks very healthy
  9. Looks like an auto flower to me. They flower as soon as it you know the strain?
  10. Okay, that's what I'll do. Thanks for all the help man I appreciate it. I'll update of course
    Thanks a lot
  11. No problem. Check out my page for my grow journal
  12. Yes, Northen Lights feminized. Not auto flower (as far as I know..)
  13. Did you grow this plant from seed or a clone?
  14. From seed
  15. your plant is an autoflower
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  16. basic feminized seeds do not flower that fast
  17. It's strange, I bought from a serious and reliable seed bank . Maybe it started blooming because there was only 13 hours of sunshine?
  18. Serious and reliable seed banks sell basic feminized, regular, and autoflower seeds. Basic feminized seeds take 3-4 months to show signs of flower when outdoors
  19. Like my outdoor plants on my page have been growing for 4 months and are just now showing signs of pre flower
  20. I bought regular feminized seed.
    I'm pretty sure it's mostly related to the light hours it gets. If you plant outside now, you will have a quick blossom. The days began to shorten

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