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Smacking your children?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by MaryJaneExpress, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. if you keep referring to physical force as a mean to get your kids to behave -- then yes that is a failing factor. however if your kids are continuously misbehaving when you don't spank them -- a spanking is definitely in order. sometimes you need to show your kid who's boss. they won't ever learn if you don't get the point across. it should be more of a strong love tap though haha
  2. I dont feel theres anything wrong with it me and my sister were smacked as children .. usually the threat of it was enough to get hs to behave .. there are many different way to aproach parenting .. ljke the naughty step .. man i know it works but if i have kids there will be none of that it will be a smack and say good bye to your fav toy .. ir game .
  3. its fucked up
    how are you going to hurt someone smaller than u who cant defend themselves?
  4. Orange Hot Wheels track!

    You can't even kill a fly with that thing!! Lol...

    The communication is always there. The physical aspect just suppliments it.

    Why would you hit a child?

    To cause him physical pain.

    I tell him what to remember. And I make him focus on it. Then I hit him.

    The physical pain will be associated with what he was focusing on, and then he will remember it.

    But not forever. He will eventually forget it, but the physical warning is remembered a lot longer than non-physical warning.

    So I hit him.

    And I pray to God I'm doing it right...

    You're thinking WAY too 'worst case scenario'.

    Yes... it is ideal to never hit the child.

    This works, but not in all situations.

    There are many cases where kids don't have much 'previledges' to begin with.

    To have better idea about this, I need to know this.

    - What did you hit him wiht? (pls be specific. Like, how long, how thick, how heavy, the material, etc)
    - How hard did you hit him? (be honest.)
    - How many times did you hit him? (Shouldn't be more than two.)
    - Did he(the boy) try to cover his ass? (He shouldn't be covering his ass, or wiggling his ass, trying to avoid the blow. He should be standing still. Being tense is allowed.)
    - Did he make any noise? (You should hit him hard enough to make him scream, but soft enough to make him bite it.)
    - Did he cry? (It would be indeal if he didn't cry, but red-eye is allowed.)
    - Where was this done? (pls be specific. Like, in the living room, in his bedroom, or in the garage,etc. It's OK to hit him in the confinds of your house, but not OK to hit him in public. Yes... although I see the usefulness of hitting a wild toddler in Walmarts, I don't approve of it.)
  5. I always thought kind of betrayed by my parent. I wasn't exactly the type of kid that people would think needs a spanking, though. It only happened few than 10 times, I'm sure.
  6. Some of this would already be answered if you continued to read the post after this one, but hey what the hell I'll hold your hand.

    Open hand was used.

    First why would I lie about how hard I spanked him? Enough to redden, not enough to welt nor bruise.

    He got 3 swats. (CPS says that is quite acceptable so your opinion means nothing since you speak of utilizing implements yourself which is not approved of)

    I do not recall him attempting to block nor wiggle. (Sorry I have failed you)

    Nope he didn't scream, he was getting a spanking not a beating.

    Yeah he cried. (I'm a meanie)

    Since he had taken the candy bar out of his pocket in the van before I left the lot, it happened right there.

    I hope I have properly answered your questions and that I am graded accordingly.

    Now all of that rubbish and your ivory tower aside. If there is one thing I know it's proper physical discipline. 20 years being into BDSM which includes dishing out corporal punishment to those who have been submissive to me tends to teach one how to control their discipline implementation. Now since you obviously get off on the specifics shall I send you some photos of some of the ladies I have disciplined over the years? Consensual discipline of course, but it's amazing what a crop, studded paddle, cane and many more tools can do. My flogger and single tail whip expertise is very good. So really if I wanted to beat the child I would be more than capable, instead it was all necessary APPROVED discipline. I'm betting you're turgid just reading this.
  7. I remember as a kid my mom would lecture me thoroughly before administering corporal punishment. She used a belt with the buckle removed. She made certain I understood exactly why I was being punished, and after the punishment the matter was no longer discussed.
    It seemed to have worked fairly well. Most of the time it was for doing something unsafe, and looking back everything seems to have been for my won well-being.
    As an adult I approve of the methods she employed and will probably use them on my own kids when I have them.
  8. I was hit whenever I did, well, anything less than ideal. Weapon of choice: a belt. When I was exceptionally bad, the buckle end. Yeah, no screwing around. They have long since given up, but now they ask to turn out better. Don't know why, its just as illogical to me.

    Well, I turned out, erm, ok, I have never been arrested. I don't break laws, aside from drinkin and tokin. I have a good conscience. They brought me up right.
  9. I'm not quite sure if I understand the 'tone' of your reply... but it seems you're being a bit... 'sarcastic' and I sense a bit of... 'sneer'.

    Having said that, I just wanted to know how another person spanks his kids.

    I think you probably got how I like to spank my kids from the things I said in the ().
  10. I gave honest answers to your questions.

    As for my "tone", being "sarcastic" and "sneering" you're correct. Because you came across as "creepy" "aroused" and "deviant".

    However I answered your questions honestly and to the point.

    And yes I picked up that you LOVE to spank your kids. No doubt in my mind. You. Love. It.
  11. I see...

    But I must protest, I'm not a creep.

    And I am not aroused, and I don't love spanking my kids.

    I just do what I have to do.

    And try to do it in a correct manner.

  12. then why are kids who are abused the ones that are getting into fights and winding up in jail for assault charges....these things have an impact on a young mind. its traumatizing if it is taken too far.
  13. I'm relieved, trust me I am. Imagine being asked your questions by someone. Step outside of the box.

    That being said I like to believe that the only way disciplining a child by spanking is correct until it gets to the point of blatant abuse. Some would say that is a flick on the wrist, another could say slacking them with a club. Bottom line what one thinks is alright another may not. If it turns out my method is/was wrong then the only ones who can judge me will be them.
  14. I am relieved that you are relieved.

    When I asked you those questions, I was already assuming that you were a good dad who knew how to handle spanking.

    I have my ways of spanking, I just wanted to hear yours.

  15. and thats just another thing that is so wrong with hitting as a means of discipline...the child is responding out of fear instead of truly realizing and correcting the error of their ways through realization and moral understanding.
  16. Abuse and spankings are truly 2 different things. If you believe in a god, then ask your spiritual adviser, then ask a Police Officer, a guidance counciler and so on. Saying every child who got a spanking is abused is absurd as you yourself said "if it is taken too far."
  17. Although I must disagree on one thing about your method.

    Using the open hand.

    I was taught that never hit your kids with your hands... always use a stick of some sort.

    Let them fear the stick, not your hand.

    What do you think?
  18. Do you beat your prisoners or teach them to better themselves? Same concept with adult delinquents.
  19. And let's not even talk about 'abusing'.

    Let's assume that we are all decent adults who know the difference between spanking and abusing.
  20. People who don't have kids are the funniest people to ask what they would do if they had kids. :laughing:

    I don't have kids but I have lived with three since I was 10, now coming up on 21 and they're pre-teens. I'll tell ya... some times they need to be smacked. They never do get hit though. My mom hit me and my brother when we were kids. Spankings, smack to the face, etc... Nothing brutal leaving marks or anything.

    Well these kids she tries the calm, nice approach with... They're cunts. No respect, completely lack any consideration for others, etc...

    I think it's dependent on the situation. Not all situations call for the calm awesome loving parents everyone wants them to be. Just like not all situations call for a smack to the face. It varies...

    Regardless the idea that anybody can possibly raise a kid "right" is laughable at best.

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