Smacking your children?

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  1. I don't have any children, but i just wondered what everyone's view on this was ?
    And i don't mean beating the shit into them or anything.... but just a smack on the hand if they're naughty. Just watching a show about it.

    Discuss :smoke:
  2. My dad hit me with a belt and I turned out fine.
  3. my dad hit me with a wooden spoon and i turned out fine.
  4. I was often struck as a child
    is that why I now troll internet forums? it could be, but then again it could be the fact that my penis speaks spanish.
  5. There is nothing to be gained by hitting your kids. ever.

    Let them know what you expect of them and reward that behavior. Babies are born wanting to please their parents. Tapping into that behavior is much more effective than fear.
  6. In this modern day in age, it has almost become unacceptable to hit your children. On the other hand i personally think that you never need to hit your child. Simply explain and teach them there wrongs rather than use physical force to simply punish them. :)

  7. My Dad hit me with a hockey stick :D

  8. I agree with this.

    I was spanked plenty of times as a kid but I really don't see any reason that anyone should ever need to do that.

    The most well-behaved kids I know, their parents don't 'smack' them at all, ever. They don't even yell at them. They just communicate calmly and clearly.
    If their kids won't stop acting up, instead of a smack or a "YOU STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!" it's a "You need to stop doing that or we're going to have to take a little break in your room so that you can calm down."

    And let me tell ya how nice that is from a bystander perspective; not having to listen to people screaming at their kids every time you hang out with them. Very chill. :p
  9. hm sounds interesting. My mom used to discipline me with a leather belt. Probably less than 5 times my whole life, and honestly i deserved it. My dad was always away, so she was stuck being the disciplinary. i don't have an issue with that. I don't think i could ever smack my son tbh, but you never know. I got a feeling i won't have a problem punching him in the face if he does some real fucked up shit when he's like 16-17. But that's me smacking around a grown man, not a little kid anymore

    I hope it never comes to that. Personally, i don't care how other parents raise their kids. That's their business. Too many nosey fucks who are gonna call cps on em for anything and everything.
  10. I have a heavy bamboo stick, that's about... three feet long.

    If used properly, it can actually knock out an adult.

    I use it to hit my two sons. Usually on the butt.

    But not everytime I hit them with the stick.

    Sometimes I only give them a lecture, and then tell them,

    "And if you do it again, I'll smack you so hard you won't be able to stand!"

    And smack the stick hard on MY OWN leg.

    And the kids are like, holy shit did dad just hit his own legs?? THAT hard???

    And they think my bones are broken and ask me if I can walk, and they swear they'll never do whatever it was that got them in trouble in the first place.

    Lol... and yes.. it hurts like hell...
  11. I think there's nothing wrong with the occasional smack. I have like 14 nieces and nephews, I find yelling very productive :p
  12. Ever had to cut your own switch?

    That'll set you straight.
  13. I think spanking isn't a horrid thing. Some kids never seem to 'need' it, but others need something to gain attention. It doesn't work if overused & I agree HUGE difference between a swat & a beating.
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    coming from a kid who's parents never laid a hand on him, i will say that you have to hit your kids. thankfully im smart enough to respect my parents and go out there and make something for myself.

    way to often i see kids that dont respect their parents at all, and they do whatever the fuck they want thinking that there are no consequences. i feel this is directly related to hitting your kids. i'll often say "his parents should have beat his ass when he was younger."

    i think it also disciplines your children, a reason why it may be looked down upon in todays fucked up day and age. i think I personally, would be more discipline if my parents hit me. i also think back to years ago, when it was acceptable to hit kids, and they grew up a lot faster.

    im only 19 though, so what do i know?

    edit: also i've seen that its the best way to train dogs. but not any dogs. dogs that are treated as part of the family, and treated like children. i know some will disagree with this but i dont care. when i watch dogs play together, especially when im high, their behavior mimics children so much its crazy.
  15. i dont think its a big deal. :confused_2:
    my parents always spanked me when i acted out. i remember one time though when i hit my brother with a stick and he started screaming and then my mom comes up behind me with the stick, and WACK! and then she instantly started crying bc she realized that she hit me way too fucking hard. couldnt wear shorts for a little bit after that..(had to hide the bruise). she stopped hitting me for a while after that haha.
    sometimes i think its necessary though.

  16. See, the thing for me is, you're talking about them "respecting their parents" which to me is something that should start happening when you're like... a teenager. :p

    Of course a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 year old kid isn't going to "respect" their parents. The idea of respect probably isn't even a concept to them yet.

    Yeah, I got spanked when I was 5. But I sure as hell think it would have been better if I had just gotten a stern, clear, and civil talking to, without all the yelling.

    Instead, all the 'discipline' I remember from my parents was either spanking or screaming.

    That's not to say my parents were bad parents, I definitely wouldn't say that. But I think there are more sensible ways to handle a situation than yelling at your kids or smacking them. :confused_2:

    Maybe there's no correlation to the fact that all the crazy, wild, back-talking kids I've known have parents who yell at them and spank them, while the most chill, calm, well-behaved kids I know have parents who keep calm at all times and don't yell at or hit their kids at all... Yup, probably no correlation there. ;)
  17. I think 'spanking' is a form of an art...

    Takes great skill to spank your kids correctly.

    I think one rule that I always remember is,

    "Don't spank them when you're mad."
  18. well it depends. theres a time and place for everything. i dont plan on beating the shit out of my children, but if they do something they know theyre not supposed to, and dont give a fuck about the consequences, then i think i will probably smack them in the face.

    your definitely right though
  19. Somebody needs to beat the fuck out of these punks.

    Why not let the parents do it?

    He'll, well break out the ol' "Whiskey And Jack Knife" and shave his head bald.

  20. Why smack them in the face when there are so many, er... less violent ways to deal with it?

    Kids do things they aren't supposed to do. It's part of growing up and learning boundaries and all that stuff. Show me a kid who has never acted up and I'll show you a flying pig in a frozen-over hell. :p

    Doesn't mean that hitting them is the right way to deal with it, even if it's just a light smack.

    Why not take away a toy for a while, or send them to a time out or something? Why not just say "if you're going to act this way then we're going to take a time out in your room" instead of screaming at them and being violent with them? :confused:

    I just don't think that's any way to raise a well-adjusted child, that's all. :confused_2:

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