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Slugs =/

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by weedmon1878, May 26, 2016.

  1. So I have had slugs wipe out 20+ sprouts 2 times in the past I kinda panicked this last time when i found out it was the slugs and went out last night and salted every single slug i seen near my garden ( around 20-30) i then proceeded to surround my garden in a salt ring (like they did in supernatural for ghosts xD) but my question is will the salt ring kill my sprouts of plants? i can post pics if needed. I have read more on the subject today and found many ways to keep them out but like i said last night i panicked and now i have a salt ring so if its not going to hurt them i should just leave it there and add to it with more traps for the little bastards but if it is going to hurt them then i have to do something about the salt today.
  2. Salt – It was once a known war tactic to salt the fields of enemies. Salting the earth was also used as punishment for severe crimes in several countries throughout history. The reason is because salt will kill plants and will make the ground unsuitable for future plant growth.

    Picked this off the interweb using the Google. Next time use something without salt to kill the slugs. Water the area heavily to weaken the salt concentration.

    FYI salt will lock out your plants from getting nutrients and kill them. Irrigation will remove the salt so the damage is not permanent. You probably used so little salt that your plants should be ok unless it's right on the plants.
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  3. Nah man don't put salt on your soil, I know slugs can be a real issue, I tried everything from broken egg shells to copper tape but I found the best thing for me was too just cut a few pieces of cucumber and put them by the pots so the slimy fuckers go for that instead of the extra effort to climb up the pots,
    Just give it shot I just replaced them each night and if it rained slightly id be out with my torch and salt to kill the ones in the area

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  4. Oh fuck this made me laugh
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  5. Diatomaceous earth comes in the form of a chalky powder, and is the natural fossilized remains of diatoms, a type of hard-shelled algae. For non-toxic, effective treatment for earwigs, slugs, and other garden pests: sprinkle over plants and around edges of garden beds.
  6. I know the stuff...we use it in the yard to keep the fleas down.
  7. its not right on the plants its a circle around them heres a picture of them lemme know asap lol dont want my little sprouts to die
  8. I can't see the pic but so longs as its not on the soil or could get sucked up through the bottom your good,

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  9. Put a metal window screen around the stems, after cutting slits in the top. Slugs cant climb over it.

    This works. Or your money back.

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  10. Slugs hate marigold flowers. I don't know what it is about them, but they hate 'em. When I used to grow veggies I planted one marigold flower (I bought the flats of 12 flowers for $5 from Home Depot) per 1 square yard (3 feet all around), and I never had slugs messing with the plants within the perimeters of the flowers. If I had a plant I really didn't want them messing with (i.e. thai chilli peppers or arugula) I did 1 flower per plant in about 10 inch proximity.

    My grandma said shallow dishes with beer lures them in and drowns them to their deaths, but i've never tried it myself. I've also heard making a salt circle around the entirety of your garden area (not touching the soil within 4 feet of plants) helps, but again I've never tried it.

    Good luck! Slugs are the worst. When I had my garden I used to go around and blow the f***ers up with my c02 BB pistol because they were so persistent...and then I discovered the marigolds. ^^;
  11. .22 cal LR. 50 yards with a scope.

    Gotta be quick!
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  12. I've been known to wrestle slugs in my younger day's.

    It's a sticky situation.


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