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  1. Ok, so I went to check my one and only plant today... and its top leaves were completely eaten. It is still a seedling and has now 1 complete set of leaves (after slug attack)

    I took 2 big white slugs out of the pot and a bunch of small black ones from the leaves.. but not all.

    It was hard to get them all because it was very wet in the woods after all the heavy rain and the mosquitoes were killing me. Should have worn bug spray.

    Question is, will my seedlings live with 1 healthy set of leaves?

    And those little black slugs, I left like 3 or 4 on, will they eat my plant overnight? I can't get down there to fix all this until tomorrow.

    Nonetheless, the stem is really starting to get thicker, its about a half cm now and its really sturdy, i tried bending it and it is really strong.

    Should I transplant? or what should I do?
  2. Your asking a really hard question. It gonna deserve a really hard answer.

    You shouldve sucked it up then and got them all off.

    No one is gonna be able to tell you if your plants will be ok. Chances are they'll be alright till morning.

    If theyre hitting you hard you'll have to take additional measures to keep them away. There is another slug thread floating around with a bunch of remedies in it, and proly some stickies. Check'em out.

    Good Luck.
  3. One way to find out.
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    Yea, sorry for the unanswerable questions, I was just pretty nervous.

    Anyways, I checked em today and they are still growing along, and the sunlight/dry air we finally have killed off the slugs I left on.

    Thanks for your support though! +Rep'd

    Forgot to add that I put it back in a humidome till it grows another leaf set + I'll be finding a spot with more sun next weekend
  5. go get some wires which have copper wires in them.. twine em and place the copper wire around the stem..
  6. Get a big fuck all box of kosher salt, like a pound, and make a 1 half inch thick circle at least 3 feet from your stem as to not fuck up its soil. Even after it dissolves no slugs will come anywhere near your baby.

    Good Luck!

  7. Make a 3 foot perimeter of the salt around the container because the sluggo's have to crawl up to the container, so therefore why not prevent them from getting into the container at all? If you got any Seven Dust use it too. Works great believe me!


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