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  1. Today I was bored and decided to check on some outdoor weeds, and I wound up regretting wearing sandals, to say the least. Slugs were on the ground in hordes, you could not look at the ground and see none, I ran back to my car and some of them were right next to the car door.

    My concern is for the plants, they are very young and some of them I doubt have even begun growing out of the seeds. I have seen many things out there that look like they could just eat a full-grown plant, it's starting to make me think there was no point in trying. All that might defend them is the natural environment itself, the amount of rain, and bigger plants to hide/distract predatory insects and such.

    Hopefully slugs just do what worms do, because if they eat plants I'm afraid the seedlings I put out there yesterday are DOOMED :eek: I myself almost got eaten by how many of those things there were
  2. Kill the slugs or you're beat. Throw salt all over the place to kill the slugs and prevent any other slugs from coming near your plants.
  3. ye dude salt those bitties to there doom. id put a ring of salt around it like a moat

  4. Shit, you're right. Slug - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    It says salt will kill them (most people know that) but iron phosphate apparently is like a mouse trap for them.

    While I'm out, does anyone have ANY good ideas about how I can salvage those little seedlings? Some of them haven't come out of the seed yet... I hope.
  5. I've heard rings of copper around the stalks of the plant work too, as long as they're grounded. Something about the slugs not liking to cross the rings as it does something electrical.
  6. Hmmm slugs you say? Kill them with fire. A flame thrower should do the job. :hello:
  7. Nah, too late, some little bastard of an animal ate them all. Or a human took them which I highly doubt.

    Seriously I saw a rabbit coming home and I'm like "that was probably the one who did it."
  8. kill them all. They look like little bastards and deserve to be killed. Destroy the slugs.
  9. fur bows dude. find an xmas tree and take a bunch of brances and make a ring around them, they witt not go on the needles.
  10. This is what i do to my plants in the swamps
    take about 3" of copper wiring and wrap it around the stem.
    It shocks the slugs and they will not climb up the tree and eat the leaves
    if you have any qs plz ask me
  11. Salt kills plant ,slugs love beer stick out a pan of berr youd b suprised how many u'll find when u empty it

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