slugs doing they prefer sativa?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by keitanakano, May 26, 2010.

  1. today i have noticed that seedlings have been eaten off by slugs at my site.
    I have transplanted some older plants from indoors, as well i tried starting up from seeds directly on the site.

    don't start up directly from seeds outdoors! slugs will just eat everything.
    from 16 plants just 5 survived.

    They have also eaten off many leaves from two sativa ganja dwarfs, which are more than a month old, they climbed on the plant actually!

    are they especially fond of sativa?

    I have also Indica plants on the site, and they do not have any leaves damaged by slugs.

    putting out slugs poison would be too messy so for the time being, i pregrow indoors and then transplant. Today I have added some ditchweed plants, directly into the holes from the dead seedlings. I have pregrown them for about 3 weeks.
  2. loosely wrap on uninsulated copper wire around the base of your plants..

    and slugs are equal opportunity destroyers..they do not profile according to leaf structure ;)

    also take a small shaker of salt with you when you head to your plats.. cover any of those dreaded slime machines with a good dusting, and watch em squirm..
  3. Garlic helps and it's totally cheap. It grows in almost any kind of soil too.
    This year I started 12-15 sprouts outside and they were mowed over completely within a week. At the same time I transplanted five 12-14"'ers that I'd started indoors. They're doing fine.
  4. Well uhm it's a little hard digging there and how long would it take for the garlic to grow and become effective?

    It is really as i write, the slugs climbed up the ganja dwarfs and have eaten off most of the leaves, while the indica's are completely untouched. slime everywhere on the branches! their bases are already wooden so they are not seedlings. maybe it's just random?
  5. Without using a ton of slug bait, there's no surefire way to eliminate slugs. Salt will damage your soil FYI. Garlic does help but won't erradicate the bastids. Sprayed on garlic juice? Might work. I've heard good things about the copper wire thang too. Essence from garlic cloves jammed into the soil will permeate after the first rain. They'll sprout in 7-10 days. Good luck mon. Check out vegetable gardening forums...

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