slowly yellowing?

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  1. okay hopefully this will help

    it's in the 3rd week of flowering.

    i've used - Fox Farm's Big Grow & Big Bloom Every 3 waterings.. 2 times already

    yesterday just gave it water w/ some BIG BLOOM!..

    the plant is potted in regular DIRT, lol from mother earth!

    - i've been outside looking at this girl for months and last week it was much greener than this.. is it because it's flowering, it's maybe using lots of its nutrients from the sun leaves and others around it to help the buds grow?

    -here is a full shot of it - you can see the yellowing slowly fading into the green.. is this normal by this week?

    -here's a closer look

    -there are somewhat at the bottom...

    -these are the beautiful flower's it's growing.. look at them.. i know u dont want them to go to waste either... =x
  2. Looks like a normal drop in nitrogen levels, that's common around flower time. Try giving them a little bit more N with their next feeding, other than that they look good. You don't want too much green leaf at harvest anyway. Just pinch them off when they yellow at the bottom, a little thinning for light is good about now.
  3. ohh ok word... thank you

    i read that i should just let the plant do the leaf killing... if they come off right away when i pull up then its all good.. but not to kill any of the green ones until furthering yellowness?

    ive seen other plants somehwta trimmed for sunlight but uhmm yeah..
  4. You would only take leaves that are yellowing, or going brown. The only green you'd take is big fan leaves if they are blocking light, but it looks like you got plenty of sunshine.
  5. I'm using the same nutes, not as far along as you in flowering though, they look great. The yellowing of the bottom leaves is to be expected. The Big Bloom has a minimal Nitrogen content, I'm going to be supplementing the Big Bloom with MG's Bloom Booster. Bare in mind I haven't tried this yet, but I got the go ahead from another member on here that the combo is safe. Remember to stop the Bloom Booster (and maybe the Big Bloom) 2 weeks before you harvest because it's a chemical fert. Then just use water.
  6. You should run a ph test on your run-off water. I had the same problem using the exact same ferts as you. If you read the back, it says to use with PH Up. It makes the soil too acidic to be able to uptake the nitrogen.

    Get some hydrated lime powder to raise your ph!

    Hope this helps!
  7. okay so what i have done is taken down notes.. on 3 different opinions maybe it can be a N problem but as well as just the buds absorbing the nutes out of the sun leaf's..

    as for the nutes i've been putting...

    i add them every 3rd watering.....

    so far i am in the Week 7 of the SOIL Diagram..

    so for the next 2 watering will be only water.. which is every 3 days - then adding all 3 of nutes like followed for week 7 & 8...

    plant - Trainwreck

    Nutes - fox Farm - Big Bloom, Big Grow & Tiger Bloom

    i am just on the 3rd week of flowering .. 16 days so FAR

    she is about about 5 months old, 3 FT tall & her Arms are about 2 FT long as well.. lol


    i see that the sun leafs are turning yellow & the ones with buds are still green.. i think its just sucking out all the nutrients from the from those others leafs

    i dont know about takin any leafs off.. even if they are blocking a little light?
  8. I think it's time to stop the Big Grow, that's a veg fert. As for a natural yellowing, it could be.
  9. lol... i meant tiger bloom
  10. okay well i really didnt want to take out any sun leafs that are blocking sun light so what i did is just bring the stems down a little now it has much better lighting.. almost like the LST project..... as u can see it's much better and more air flow w/ much more light on it

    also you can see some of the leafs are even turning yellow.. should i add more N to the mix?.. or is this a normal process of a plant change around the 3rd week?

    after the next watering i'm going to add... Fox Farm's - Tiger Bloom, Big Bloom & Grow Big.. like it says on the FOX FARM CHART... good idea?... i only add 1 gallon of water every 3 days?... should i put 2?... i know it sounds weird but look how well its been doing..since i started it from seed..

    thank you for all your help and input.. very appreciated....







  11. Those buds are gonna do much better like that, nice. I planned on using their chart as well, unless anyone has SERIOUS reasons as why not to.

    BTW, great looking plant, nice hustle.
  12. thank you man.. this is my first try at growing as well... been reading here for about 5 months.. just signed up not too long ago.. it was time.

    okay im sure you see the yellowing?.. is that normal?... lack of Nitrogen?'s in the 3rd week of flowering.. is this a normal color at this time?

    i know Grow Big has a good amount of N in it.. that would be the next feed with all 3 liquid products..

    like i said i've only added 1 gallon of water per watering.. but since it got hotter i put 1 1/2 of water and one of feeding nutrients.. now should i put at least 2 - 3 gallons now?
  13. Those will be nice.
    Try to tie them down in the beginning next year and you will get 4x the ammount on your harvest in that pot.

    Those are good pics..
  14. Yeah I see some yellowing in the big fan leaves, it might just be lack of light. I'd give it a dose of ferts and see if it continues, the plant looks healthy otherwise.
    As far as watering goes, I usually eyeball it as to when to water. As far as the amount goes, I drench the soil with a shot of water and let it sink all the way in, then drench it again until it goes all the way in, and so on until it just looks like it doesn't want anymore, as in it starts to pool a little at the top, then you'll be good for a while. It's not exact and I've never gotten any symptoms of overwatering that way. But last year while mine were in full flower I had to water much more often.
  15. word thank you..

    yeah im planning on the LST next grow..

    this is just to move some of the branches for more sun at the moment


    i just watered it 2 days ago.. i'll wait for another watering and then the nutes.. or should i add them now?... it wont harm the plant ?

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