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  1. Is anyone having any problems with how fast GC downloads pages? It was a lot faster a few months ago, then I recall they upgraded the system. Now it's slow as heck, and slower than any other site.
  2. Hello ,

    It is loading pretty fast for me at the moment via 2 different mac , 2 different PC , iPad and iPhone on 2 different connection types. Everyone is reporting the same.

    The slowness you are facing maybe an issue related to your connection. Can you please post a traceroute to so we can check
  3. You can check How do I run a Traceroute? for a detailed how to on different OS's

    Can you also supply me exact link which loads slow for you.
  4. You need to use tracert > tracert.txt or tracert > tracert.txt
  5. duh a little slow tonight. here it is. It's taking on average 15 seconds to load up each page, including the reply here. Thanks a Lot.

    View attachment GCtrace.txt

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