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  1. GC has been hella slow all day, what gives?
  2. Just a problem with the server and the amount of traffic it is receiving. It happens around night time in all North American time zones. I'm not sure how that converts to the rest of the world but there is a few hours of everyday when it really slows up. It seems to be settling down now.
  3. I know what you mean but that usually happens at 1am EST (for me). Tonight it has been happening since like 9pm-ish. I got frustarted with trying to post and went to watch t.v. for a few hours. Still a bit laggy but not as bad as earlier.
  4. and your pendulum references btw *singing* "it's 9000 miles, back to youuuuu" 'insert epic electronic guitar sounds'
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    too many people online, server slows down

  6. I was just wondering this earlier, I usually lurk around GC around the hours of 11pm-6am, anywhere around there, and I always run into slowness issues, always thought it was me but I try other websites and they work fine.
  7. It's 620 AM where I'm at right now, and I couldn't access the site through any of my bookmarks. Had to go to the shop homepage, and then click on community for some strange reason. Tried it in several other browsers as well...same problem.
  8. Can anyone order anything from the shop atm? it's so slow and eventually times out during checkout/card input - Really frustrating :mad:
  9. It's been silly slow for about a week now.

    Sometimes I struggle to open threads and have to refresh a few times.

    12Mbps/1Mbps here.
  10. I've had issues on and off for awhile. Everything's been working flawlessly until last night when I was getting "Connection has been reset" issues which usually means the server is acting up.

    Still some issues today, but at least I can open threads without hitting refresh a million times..
  11. It's been nearly two hours since it's been what seems like impossible to even lurk the city. It took me 20 minutes to edit a title on a thread I made :/
  12. I DEMAND that everyone sign off so that I can surf GC at my leisure. ;)
  13. sorry!!!

    working on it, bear with me, another 3 to 4 weeks with this slowness...


  14. you win

  15. No worries, I know you're working hard to keep the city running smoothly. Can't thank you enough :)

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