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Slow sprouting seeds and plant health

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Desert Rose, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I'd like to know if a seed takes too long to sprout does it affect the plant's health? I read somewhere that poor seeds means poor plant health, but I'd like some confirmation.

    For details about my situation, read on (if you're too stoned, just skip it):

    I have germinated 2 seeds, a NL and a Bubblicious. NL took less than 24 hours to sprout, while Bubblicious hasn't in 5 days. I've never had a seed that took longer than 2 days to sprout, so I used a tweezer to gently dig up the seed and I saw that the taproot has grown a little but no crack on the top of the seed, I replanted it and it's been 2 days and no sprout. Should I wait or plant a new one? Also, does slow sprouting seed affect the plant's health when it grows?
  2. i've read people on here talking about how it took their seed(s) up to two weeks to sprout...i've even read up to three plus weeks...i'd give it two weeks before i decide no dice.

    keep it green
  3. Just to update, when a week had past I dug up the seed and found the taproot dead, i.e. the seed died.

    This was my first time using the paper towel method instead of planting the seed directly like always. I always had 100% success before trying the paper towel method. When I germinated using the paper towel method I left the seed only until a tiny root showed, yet the seed died.

    So in conclusion, if you're not used to the paper towel method then don't use it, just plant the seeds directly into soil like nature intended (planted ONLY 1/4 to 1/2 inch deep).

    Hope this helps someone.
  4. I would say is matter of style and preferences. I have encountered 100% of the time problems, sprouting seeds directly to the medium, rather the the paper towel inside a a Black DVD Case.

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