Slow plant growth

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  1. Greetings to all

    I have a couple of plants that are growing very slowly. They are still small and Im using 135W LED lamps. I have given them some nutrients after waiting for 2 weeks and the plants are around 3 weeks old. I wonder, do they need ONLY blue light or should I mix blue with white and/or red light?

    Will attach a picture of the plants.

    What is wrong with my plants??

    I need help cause Im soon going crazy...

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  2. nute burn too

    potup up to 3 usg pots mix in 30% perlite

    above all get a bigger light

    and yes use red and blue colors

    those 2 colors make correct distance on the internodes of the plant

    good luck
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  3. Hard to tell from those pics but kinda looks like zinc def, and what looks like some nute burn

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