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  1. I've started a small indoor CFL cabinet operation with two feminized white widow plants. The cabinet is 24x28x16, currently lit with seven 26W and one 40W, all daylight on an 18-6 schedule. Ventilation is okay, although the cabinet now looks more like swiss cheese than a solid box, with two fans going 24/7 (complete stealth is not a major issue at this point).
    The plants have been up for a month (see pix), and the feedback I've received so far suggests they should be much further along than they are.
    The green pot is a loam, perlite and peat moss mix, 4 to 1 to 1, with no added nutrients save for an initial bathing with Miracle Gro liquid (12-4-8) in a solution a bit less than the recommended 1 TSP per gallon. The brown pot is a commercial soil, Sta-Green (14-11-8). I try to water lightly, when the meter stick shows 5 or less halfway down. Both show a PH right around 7, if my meter stick's working as it should.
    Plants are between 3" and 4" from the lamps, with a 7-8 light meter reading. Temp is high-70s at the pot top, humidity right around 25%.
    And beside the slow growth I have some yellowing issues, which I've been told could be light/heat related or a low nitrogen situation.
    So, at this point any sage advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, community...

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  2. How old are they?
  3. Just about a month. Any ideas...?
  4. Hmm I grew White Widow from Dinafem and damn they were slow...and i mean slow they started to kick in a bit after about a month old...LOL but those are pretty small. What is your feeding schedule?
  5. I don't have a feeding schedule per se, although perhaps I should. With all the warnings about over-feeding I've seen I've been trying to keep feeding to a minimum. That said, what would be your advice about beginning an alternating water/food schedule, as I've seen suggested, especially with the pre-nutriated potting soil? I have a light dilute of Miracle Gro (12-4-8) I can begin using with some regularity if that's the way to go. What do you think...?
  6. Looks like you're trying to know everything possible about your plants, props on that. My gut feeling says it might be a soil problem, but let us know what you find!
  7. Perhaps the initial miracle grow wasn't a good idea?

    If you do go and get some nutes, go for the fox farm trio. Way better than MG garbage.
  8. what is your ph meter? those 5 dollar ones from home depot don't do anything. you need to check the runoff water next water. ph is key. i really don't know other than that. get your humidity up i'd say. and get on a feeding schedule for sure. if for nothing else than to allow yourself to figure out what works.
  9. did you originally plant in those pots? how big are they?

    to experienced growers: if so, is it possible that the girls' roots have stretched out but not really developed a decent structure, therefore growth is just creeping?

    definitely need to solve the yellowing issue. probably soil. grab a ph meter($40+) or liquid test kit($10 or so) if you don't have one.

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