Slow growth problem - Need some advice

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by spent.ho, Oct 24, 2009.

  1. Ok, not the first grow, but the first time i've actually done the process from the seed germinating stage, i used to have a buddy do it and i would get it when there were a few roots and leaves on it. I started the germination process abotu two and a half weeks ago and the seed cracked and shot out a root fairly quickly (less than 1 day). So from there i put it in a cleaned rock-wool cube and two days later i had a sprout out of the rock-wool cube. From there it grew some more and once i saw a root coming out of the bottom of the rock-wool so i went a head and transfered the cube to the bubble bucket and made sure the water was high enough so that the root would be able to grow into the water. Since i put it in the bucket not a whole lot had gone on with respect to new leave growth. The two small circular leaves have gotten a little bigger but not that much. two days ago i was getting nervous that there was a problem and i carefully pulled out the cube and saw that there was a lot of root growth but nothing has changed on the top...the rockwool cube was a little dry so i hurried and added water to get it saturated with water again. I am using distilled water and i have checked the PH level and they are in line. Anyone had this happen before? Not really sure if i am having a problem or if it is jsut slow starting out since i've never had one this early in the stage. Thanks in advance for any input!

  2. Also, just to let you know i am only running one 26W CFL right now to start out at a 27/7 schedule.
  3. since when did we have 27 hours in a day? haha

  4. LOL....kinda stoned...i meant 24/7
  5. i would say ur just anxious lol and maybe high. :smoking:
  6. Im having the same problem in 100% perlite. check my sig for pics but ive seen others on here at the date im at and 3xgrowth. whats the deal?? im guessing both our problems will have same solution if any :/
  7. uh, well two things to look at. just general ideas

    first i can't believe no one has called you on yet. a single 26W CFL at this point is probably not enough. your plant is looking to take on serious veg with not so serious light.

    second make sure your water temps and pH in the butcket are good. that can shock a new sprout so it wouldn't grow once your transfered.

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