slow growing plants

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by budblower10, May 27, 2006.

  1. have u guys ever had a plant start off slowly. i mean mine are really slow, 3 weeks old and they just have the first set of true leaves. i hear this is slow. have u guys ever had plants that just didnt start good, did it turn out good for you? i guess they will pick up speed, i hope so
  2. The one plant that comes to mind is KGB but man that stuff is sweet.
  3. i guess it could be the type of plant, maybe thats it, it might just be a slow growing plant. i hope so, i mean most of them still look green and prettyhealthy, just growing slow. hopefully it aint my condiitoons, i dont see how it is....they are in just regular potting mix and some perlite , so i dont see how they cant grow in them.
  4. when do u guys start ur fertilizing? mine are 3 weeks but slowly growing and some were just transpanted a week ago, should i start to fert now? the bottom leaves are turnin yellow on some, i heard this means they need ferts. i didnt think u could fert this early but maybe im wrong....also what type of fert do u guys use? i heard that the basic miracle grow tomato fertilizer used in half the concentration is good, any input? thanksalot

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