slow grow or lights to low?

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  1. Firstly I would like to thank everyone on here that gives great tips. I hope someone can help me out. I am growing Northern Lights Special from KC Brains. I have 2 45 wat cool white CFL's for now.(more to come when i flower them) in a premium potting mix with some hydroton on the bottom in one gallon round pots. The two plants are looking pretty healthy but I was wondering if they should be bigger by now. They are both Appx 2 weeks old. I read that after 2 weeks they should grow about 2 inches a day. is that just around the corner? I am growing in a small cabinet i bought from target. I want them to get a few more inches b4 I start to flower them. or maybe LST them also. Here are two pic each of my baby Girls ( hopefully)!:p

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  2. Honestly those little ones look pretty healthy small or not. I wouldnt stress it yet, give them some time. Looking good!
  3. Thanks alot fasteddie I'll just hold my horses.
  4. Yeah man, your plants aren't messed up just cause they aren't growing 2" a day. That seedling there could stay under 4 or 5 inches for three weeks just building up leaves.

    If it starts dying, or changing colors, or wilting...then worry.

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