Slow Cure QWISO pics

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  1. My hash finally dried last night.

    I made it by doing iso quick wash with several plants.
    It contains OG kush, Blackberry kush and greenhouse church all into one.

    Burn some through my bong and a hash skillet and I'm good for hours. Can't move n shit.

    I make it by doing the basic iso wash, and keep pouring more into the same dish, then I cover it with a paper plate and wait a few weeks for it to evaporate so no dust gets in it and it comes out really clean and it's not all wind blown with a fan. Don't use a light bulb either. I've done it this way the last few times and it always comes out full melt and stoney as hell. Be careful feeding it to your friends, they probably can't hang. :D I've seen people go paranoid off this stuff like you wouldn't believe.

    Only burn it off a hash utensil!

    the first scrape of this dish yielded almost a gram. lol



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  2. very nice dude!

    and yeah.. feeding qwiso to friends who don't smoke much is always good for a laugh or two :p
  3. Thanks Aug.
    Not around as much anymore but I cause less drama that way. Still up to the old antics I learned from GC though. ;)

    I promise some pics of my OG bush soon. She's almost done! Gonna be epic bro.
  4. Fucking delicious. Whenever I make qwiso, i roll it in kief and smash it down a little. That way, I have a little golden crust of goodness.
  5. Fuck yea.
    Man I just smoked the last of my QWISO last week. Mine was kief wash from my grinder though. That looks nice what u got there boy.

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