Slitted vs Punched

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  1. Is there a big difference between a slitted downstem and a punched downstem?
    All opinions welcome. :wave:
  2. By punched do you mean a bunch of holes. If so punched will be better every time
  3. Yeah, one with holes. Well, damn, I ordered a water pipe and it was supposed to have a punched downstem. They were out and sent two slitted instead. Should I feel cheated?
  4. I'd be kinda disappointed. But, it's not a huge difference. The slitted ones will still diffuse.
  5. It doesn't really matter, because in the end you will end up ordering a nicer one anyways. Why do I say this? Because a nice downstem is one of the cheapest most effective upgrades you can get for a piece. If you like cars, think of a nice downstem giving you a shit load of HP/$.

    Replacing my push bowl and shitty downstem with a Toro pinch and Alex K was the best decision ever.
  6. I agree. Try the slitted, if you like it, buy a tree downstem, if you don't buy a really holy punched one.

    Also, I try not to spend a lot on individual slides, since my dumb ass breaks them every few months.
  7. I have slitted on my Phire bong, but punched on my last one and i think punched is better. Slitted definitely does the job though.
  8. Thanks for all the feedback. I think I will upgrade in the future. What are good one to get for the price? I saw Alex K and Toro. What about Illedelph or Sheldon Black?
  9. Alex k!!!
  10. Haha! :p Does he only do showerheads?
  11. Alex K, Mobius, SG
  12. meh.. don't go running off to find something with a name on it thinking it'll be the best option.. smiley makes some pretty cool looking gridded showerheads that look sweeeeet.. also seen plenty of peeps that make showerheads on ioffer that look good
  13. Who is this Smiley you speak of? iOffer you say?
  14. Smilyagent on here, pm him or email him, i think its
    Ill vouch for awesome work and customer service. Great kid (yes imma say kid, hes younger than me haha) to work with.

    Edit: also can check
  15. the differences are minimal, but a punched/pierced downstem is at the very least more attractive, especially if its from a blower with incredible precision.

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