Slipknot bassist Paul Gray found dead in Iowa hotel

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  2. WTF. Whoa.
    RIP... 38 years young.. that's way too soon.
  3. Yup. Damn shame he was young, not to mention one of the best bass players I've heard.
  4. Another article

  5. Man, this really sucks. Not because i like Slipknot in the slightest (actually cannot stand that new age death metal shit much) but because he was an amazing bassist. Even though i didnt appreciate the music they produced as a whole, that doesnt mean that i cant appreciate them for being talented musicians. RIP mon
  6. I'm sorry but you must have a very limited taste in music if he was one of the best bassists you've heard. He was a typical 'follow the diatonic root' player, he never did any fills or unique bass lines, just followed Jim and Mick.

    R.I.P. Its sad to hear he had a kid on the way too.
  7. I am deeply saddened by the passing of Paul Gray, Ive been a maggot since the beginning of the slipknot era, and was shocked when I heard the news. He will be missed by all the maggots.

    Paul Gray (aka pig/#2)
  8. Awww no this sucks. Apparently his wife is expecting soon :( Sad. I used to love Slipknot back in middle school. Listening to them now <3
  9. I don't listen to many metal bands. So I'll rephrase that into he's one of the best bass players that I know of, and have heard. Even though like I said, I haven't heard many. Still like the sound whether or not he just following the others.
  10. Have a listen to "Everything Ends"...he does some pretty sweet fills in that song.

    This has been a really horrible year for metal musicians dying...hopefully, these sort of things only happen in threes, and there won't be any more deaths for awhile.
  11. The Rev, Dio, and Pig!?

    WHAT THE FUCK man, first my favorite metal drummer dies, then the leprichaun who ruined Black Sabbath and invented \m/ dies, now Slipknot, who have not had any member changes since I first discovered them way back in 7th grade, had Paul Grey to die...

    It's a sad year for metal my brothers... But keep them horns up. Listening to Subliminal Verses or Waking the Fallen when I get the chance :/
  12. Been so long since I've listened to Slipknot, but damn. I really liked that guy.

    Rest in peace, #2. You will be missed.

  13. youve obviously never heard Primus

    I love slipknots older albums, I cant beleive it, Dio last week, Paul is going on in the music world
  14. You obviously haven't read any other posts in the thread.

    Regardless not trying to come off as a dick. This is a "R.I.P. Paul Gray" thread.
  15. I just listened to that song, and he does no fills. What are you referring to? He just backs up the guitars, nothing special.
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    How my thread got deleted over yours and I've been a maggot since '99 and a devoted GC member since 2006, I will never comprehend 'cus it's illogical... I guess mods can't read who the biggest maggot is but....... Bad call

    edit: now that I read this today when I'm not plastered drunk.. this doesn't even make sense lol...
  17. only 8 left!!




    seriously though, it sucks when anyone dies, but fuck slipknot for making people think thats what metal is.

  18. Not only that song, but have a listen to "Dead Memories", "Gehenna","Disasterpeice", "Spit It Out", or "Gematria", and you'll get an idea of his style, he had some sick ass bass lines, and was one my first big metal-bass influences. Or in the heavy so called "boring bass" songs, do you have any idea, even with the "simple" basslines he did for the fast and complicated shit, how hard that is to play? To be that deep in the pocket with 8 other people in the mix, and to match the picking and fretting hand work of Mick and Jim? No, I bet you don't. I can say from experience, that shit is 100 times more challenging and intricate than it seems. So, quit making demeaning comments over subjects that you don't understand, please, and be respetcful. This is not a trolling thread.

    R.I.P, Paul 1972-2010 :(
  19. Shiiiiiit you reminded me that Peter Steele died too... So we've lost 4 this year in the metal world... Jimmy The Rev Sullivan, Dio, Peter Steele, and Paul Gray...

    And I ask sir, what makes Slipknot not metal?
  20. R.i.p. ......................

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