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  1. Hey blades. :cool: So the new Slightly Stoopid album "Top of The World." So if you're a Stoopid head, discuss it, Do you like it? What's your favorite song?
  2. i just purchased it this morning, havn't listened to it completely yet but it sounds like another epic album so far. it will be a few weeks or so before i choose a favorite song.....all of them are soo good!!!

    i just saw them two nights ago in cleveland, the crowd was going fucking nuts. the band realized it, too; they played 4 encores!!!! kyle was jumping in the crowd hitting joints, the rest of the band was passing around a pipe onstage.....ive seen them in cleveland a few times before, but i have never seen them do anything like that here!!! such a fucking awesome concert.

    during my drunken stoned-ness throughout the show, i thought i heard mike say they record all of their live performances? if anyone can provide a link it would be greatly appreciated.
  3. listening to it now, its dope. i really like the track "top of the world"
  4. I really dig the tracks Drink Professionally, Just Thinking, Marijuana, The "Im on Fire" cover (WOAH). Those tracks were the big standouts the first playthrough. But I know full well I'll start to love more the next go around, this time not through my turntable but through my headphones. : ) Anyways, this album is good. Especially because of the number of tracks on it. But The Longest Barrel Ride still takes the cake :smoke:
  5. Nah man Everything you need is my favorite
  6. TLBR is like that chill, ambient, beach trippin' sound. Everything You Need is easily my close #2, it's that head bumpin' album. When stoned, who cares which one is playing though. :D
  7. true true haha i also really like closer to the sun but yeah like u said
  8. Such a good album. I like how I saw them 2 weeks ago and they just announced another tour :hello:.
  9. Diggin up this thread cause I use to listen to them all the time, then stopped, and now I'm getting back into it. I fucking love them

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