Slight yellowing tips, should i be worried?

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  1. let me start by saying I use marijuana to treat my Glaucoma, and i haven't had the money lately due to my complications of type one diabetes. Hopefully this will be a sustainable way to get my medication!

    I'm doing indoors growing of a more sativa strain. Using a 300w (equivalent) Led light and a 18'' cf for shitz and giggles. I haven't added anything except water, should i consider nutes now that i have begun flowering? Also the Slight yellowing is evident on the fan leaves, and some leaves have withered ends or missing ends.

    I would appreciate any advice or comments!

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  2. Were there any lights by those leaves at anytime that may have dried or burned them. I worry there is not enough light to support flowering.
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    sorry but the LED that i have does provide enough light, it grew to this size with only the LED and no tube. I added to tube today because i started flowering, and wanted to make sure that all of the plant would be receiving adequate light. The purple tint is from the blue and red LED panel mounted in the top.

    no lights that could have dried or burned leaves, my box rests at a constant 77 F

    Thanks for the reply, any other takers!?

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