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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by watergate, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. On my second attempt at a first grow I have come over many odds. One of which was getting females.

    The main concern I have is the smell inside the house.

    I have a tent and in this tent I have a 4 inch inline fane attached to 4 inches of duct work and then there is the carbon filter.

    The 4 inch inline fan is blowing out the back of the tent.

    The plants are starting to flower and with that comes the smell. Sometimes in parts of the house you get a wiff of the smell. The two plants are in the early stages of flowering and I can only assume to get worse.

    So I have a bought active carbon filter in place with a 4 inch inline fan. The 4 inch fan creates plenty of negative pressure.

    But like I mentioned, there is a faint smell of it in the house and not long after it is hard to smell again. The way I can smell for it now is to go outside for a bit and come back in.

    One thing is. Could i just resurculate the air being cleaned back into the tent instead of out the back to draw it into the filter more? Or is it possible the 4 inch inline fan is sucking so fast that the filter can not clean the air. Or is this slight smell or possibly greater smell something I will have to work around.

    The grow area is in the basement.

    The cfm of the inline fan easly covers the cubic area. The humidity rarely ever goes above 70%
  2. personally i like packing a length of ducting with bounce sheets and active carbon it seems to work better than any carbon filter on the market or you can get a ozone generator or spray

    i wouldn't recirculate the air because you need to get rid of all the heat your lamp generates and you will use up your co2 very quick without fresh air or enrichment
  3. Hey wasup seem to have a lot of things figure out. So it is possible that your pushing the air through to fast for the filter to clean it...try dialing the fan down a bit if ya can.

    How bad of a smell are we talkin it just kinda faint when you go downstairs or is it obvious?

    1) If its obvious...then there is something wrong with the filter setup... either the pressure is off or like you said your pushing the air through to fast for the filter to clean it.

    2) If its not that bad/ you are being paranoid (this is my problem:rolleyes:) then just get some type of cover up to go with the filter.

    An ONA gel product would work great but you can jus go buy incense from the store.
  4. The smell isnt obvious, but when you first walk in the house, sometimes you can get a slight sensation in the nose.

    So right now its not bad enough to where I want to destroy them for fear of being found out.

    What would you call a device that I could plug the fan into that had a knob on it that allowed me to control the fan speed?

    The filter is called Active Carbon filter. And its location is at the top of the tent.

    As the days go by and flowering picks up I should be able to either notice and increase or no changes in the smell.

    When i attach the duct work to the active carbon filter and then to the inline fan, what do I use to seal that? Tie cords? Tape?
  5. I use ONA gel exclusively now.

    When I removed my carbon filter my air flow increased dramatically - whether it's because I made a poor filter or not I don't know. But I have just begun another flower and big jar of ONA is covering it no sweat.

    If it gets bad I'll just toss in another one, or hide them around the house. They smell nice.
  6. Did you put the ONA gel in the grow area or outside?
  7. 1) I believe its called a damper

    2) Yeah good ole duct tape does wonders sometimes :rolleyes:
  8. My list of reasons are:

    . fan is drawing air to fast through filter
    . plants stink so bad it is just going to happen
    . carbon filter could possilby be bad, i got it from htg and its only 4 months old.
    . some sort of issue with the way in which the tent is setup

    The peice of hardware i was invisioning would something you plug into the outlet, and then plug the fan into it, allow the intermediate device to have its power regulated to slow the fan down. I looked up damper but that was something for duct work. I want something to control the amount of power the fan gets to slow or increase its speed.

  9. Where do you put the ONA thing at? In the room with the plant, or in rooms where you smell the plant or right ouside the grow area?

    What size of ONA would i need for a grow area that is 64x32x20
  10. Is it possible that the fan intake is so great then when it pulls the air through the active carbon filter, that some of the filtering is missed do to the velocity of the air traveling through it?
  11. maybe you could use a regular dimmer switch for a light? it adjusts the power going to the light, i imagine it would be the same for a fan.

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