Slight mold... What to do?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by PondWizard, Oct 25, 2014.

  1. I've just been harvesting my first grow. I have the branches cut; they've been hanging to dry for a few weeks now, starting to get nice and dry. I just started noticing a few small white spots on a few of the buds. PM, perhaps?
    I'm not really sure what to do to compensate. I don't want it to spoil my crop! If there are only a few small spots, is it still okay to use if I cut out the white spots? 
    Should I be taking drastic measures to make sure my whole crop doesn't go up in a puff of white dust? I don't envy the idea of buying an AC unit to bring the temps down, but it would be better than losing everything.
    I'd love any tips or advice from experienced growers.

  2. Cut them off if youre worried. Ive got a lung disease from mold from gardening. I wouldnt ever encourage anyone to smoke mold, you dont know what suffering is til you know!

    If it was me id turn them into edibles, wax or hash. I wouldnt put a flame near any mold spore.
  3. Fans and a dehumidifier will help this problem for future grows. I hang for 7 days. It's good to cut back on the fans after 4-5 days. I have 2 and turn 1 off otherwise some strains tend to dry out too much.

    The spider mites sent this one
  4. Thanks! I've been using fans the whole time. I have a dehumidifier, but it heats the room too much for drying (gets into the mid 80s). Though, I suppose it would be better to lose the terpines than to lose everything.
  5. Weeks of drying that seems a bit odd doesn't it? Why so long? I wouldn't worry about 80 degrees as opposed to weeks of hanging that just sounds like problems waiting to happen. How long do you cure for years Orr....

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