Slide Station or Glass Station

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  1. I am going to start producing custom racks for slides and stems. I've narrowed it down to two names, and want the community's help in a final decision. Thanks
  2. hmmmm.... i kinda like both. but not catchin' me. that thing was more than just a slide station and more than just a glass station....... how 'bout somethin' like
    Docking Baze (like daze or blaze) or just docking bay.

    post some pix! maybe u'll get more feedback.
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    i have to say, option 1

    i actually meant option 2 my b ad lo0l
  4. what about bowl-buddy or something haha; nug as a logo
  5. i like bowl-buddy :) i kept thinking of things like glass caddy... i dunno but theres gotta be a catchy name for that thing. it was way cool!
  6. There are two right now. Mine [​IMG] ArchAngel's: The slides fit in the top tier along with one Salt bowl [​IMG]
  7. Docking Blaze? Kinda like docking base. I think that's cool
  8. Caddy Rack?

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