Slide for my bong broke

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  1. Hey guys,

    A while back i bought myself a nice little bong from a local head shop its really thick and the bong was perfect, Its about 11 inches tall but milks really nice for its size. Long story short 2 weeks after i got it i was partying with some girls and they sat on my backpack with the bong and slide in it, Thank god the bong has REALLY thick glass and didnt break but my poor little slide broke too, Its been out of commission since then because i havent had time to go to the head shop, im going on wensday but want to make a temp slide to use with some friends tomorrow anyone have any idea about what to use for the stem/bowl of the slide?
  2. Haha "partying" with some "girls"...LAWLZ
  3. And the least helpful post of the day award goes to J-darsh :)

    but nah people start to get pretty stupid after 2 24 packs get passed around inbetween like 7 people
  4. Haha nahh man i know, im just kidding. Glad to see you have a sense of humor though. Was it a glass on glass downstem that broke or was it a grommet downstem? Ill see if i can help you out..
  5. I made some tinfoil into a cone shape and pushed it into the stem and smoked from that.
  6. Its just a gromment with a rubber stopper, you know those cheap thin ass clear ones with the colored glass puller I was thinking like a pen tube with a rubber band around it but i have no idea what to use for a bowl, Tinfoil = toxic nasty smoke and i dont want to be smoke the pen tube either
  7. Yeah i know thats its not good to smoke through foil or plastic, but if ing only going to be for a few bowls... It wont kill you. If you could get your hands on a trumpet mouthpiece, that would be the best. but if you cant, i would just be crafty and try to find something around the house..
  8. Haha well thanks for the help i think im going to just used tinfoil and put a socket in the tinfoil so at least im not hitting the tinfoil

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