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    This is my second grow Just got my seeds in the mail yesterday and started germination...they are:

    Super Lemon Haze x1 (Greenhouse)
    Sour Diesel x1 (Bulldog)
    Bubba Kush 33 x1 (CH9)

    The setup is a brand new 2ftx4ftx6ft grow tent with 150w HPS Floralux mini and 212w CFL supplemental lighting throughout the grow area(Ghetto air cooled with something I rigged myself). Since it's winter I'm going with a Bubbleponic(top-fed) DWC system that I built myself. It's a replica of the Stealth-hydro brand system just built for 3 plants.

    Nutes I will be using are

    --Botanicare Pro blend pro
    --GH Florablend vegan plant booster
    --Liquid Karma.
    --GH Florablend

    Testing and adjusting pH with GH test kit and Up/Down. Going to fans for exhaust later. I'm going to take pics of my setup after I eat, I'm rather proud of it! My last grow was x1 Nirvana Short Rider. It took it 11 weeks to finish but I came out with 40 grams dried of some pretty decent smoke. That was a soil/cfl grow so I now want to experiment with hydroponics. I've heard different things about top feed but I figure it looks pretty simple and easy for my setup. Thoughts?

    Thanks for reading guys.
  2. Alright now that I have more to post on. Here are so very bad pictures of my setup. I'm going to get a cheap digital today. 2x4x6 tent, 150w light with cfl supplementing. Plus a lot of other goodies. Plants are just now getting their second set of leaves.


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