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Sleeping problems

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by rudolph, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone.

    I was wondering if a doctor in CA would approve a MMJ card for me. I have terrible sleep patterns. I can fall asleep just fine, but I find myself waking up every couple of hours. This is almost on a daily basis.

    I sleep at work, and after I get off work. I'm always tired. My friends joke and tell me I have aids LOL.

    The only thing is that I feel there is something wrong with me asking for a MMJ card. Am I being modest?

    What do you guys think?
  2. Hell yes you would qualify, im in Canada, but i also have incredible insomnia, or i did, before i started using bud.

    I could NEVER get to sleep before 4 am, i would lie down at a very early time, like 10 pm, read, turn off all lights and stimulating media, take a high dose of Melatonin, nothing mattered, i'd be awake until at least 4 am.

    Now i always set aside a portion of my bud for use at night before i go to bed. 1 joint and i'm out like a light:smoke:

    Bud has to be the best insomia cure in history.

    Its "prescribed"(i use the term loosely, because thats not what doctors do to give you weed) for insomnia quite a bit from what i've read, actually.
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    The only time I've ever went to a doctor for help was when I had pneumonia. I just naturally felt like a piece of crap asking for a MMJ card. Now maybe I wont.

    Thank you.
  4. You will need to get your condition documented before you can get a MMJ recommendation. You won't be able to just walk into a doctor's office and claim insomnia.
  5. I agree with the above posters that you have to be assessed by a regular doc first. There are things to discuss, such as sleep hygiene (is your bed used just for sleep, or do you hang out in your bed watching tv, reading, etc., do you use caffeine too close to bedtime, or alcohol, etc., how much exercise do you get, is your room too hot, or cold). Is it possible you have sleep apnea? All these things need to be discussed with a regular doc, first.
    Then you should allow your doc to prescribe you a sleep med. Whether or not you fill the prescription or not, is up to you. But that prescription would be evidence that you may have been diagnosed with sleep problems, and that script can then be taken to a cannabis doc.
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    hello all,

    I used to have mild to severe sleeping problems before I started smoking weed. I would sleep for a maximum of 4 hours a night, and roughly 5-8 times a month I wouldn't sleep at all. The problems went away when I started smoking, practically overnight. I now have lost my job, and can't afford MJ. I haven't smoked in a week and a half, and last night I didn't fall asleep until 8:00am. Also, I have never been diagnosed with insomnia or sleeping disorders.

    I am very interested in obtaining medical marijuana for my problems. Though I am very hesitant about visitting my regular doctor about it, for 2 reasons. He doesn't seem to be a very open minded doctor who would advocate MMJ over say, pills. And also, my family is in the same boat as him, and one thing I don't need is a failed attempt at medical marijuana AND my parents knowing I smoke.

    Does anybody know if the rules on MMJ in Canada exempt a walk-in doctor from subscribing it? I have looked for information, but I could not find any. Also, anyone who lives in Victoria or even Vancouver, do you know of a doctor that wouldn't need "convincing?" I think that that is important, because hypothetically if I get turned down after I ask about it, the doctor may make a note on my file saying that I asked and was denied. And that just seems like it would significantly hinder my chances in the future.

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    i use marijuana illegaly, recreationally but also medicinally. i purchased a vaporizer because i'm an asthmatic (which it helps sometimes, but has hurt sometimes). but it helps me get to sleep cause i have DSPS, so when its getting late at night and im just starting to get a little tired, which doesnt really happen til like 10/1030, i toke and then im put in a state where i can pass out earlier, and then wake up on time.

    i suggest seeing a doctor, though, and seeing if you can be given a diagnosis. from there you can probably obtain a card. i talked to my doctor and have been prescribed clonazepan for sleep as well, and 2 or 3 mgs of it with a bowl from the vap can put me to sleep much easier.
  8. I have been without work for 3 weeks now. I guess in retrospect, quitting my job just because i was starting to hate my life for it, might not have been worth it. But because of no job, no weed. And since I stopped, my hours of sleep have dwindled down to 4-5. I go to bed at 11:00, go to sleep at 4:00-5:00, get up at 9:00. Twice in the past 3 weeks I have not been able to sleep at all.

    On the plus side though, I have subtly told my mom about my problems and how much stress they cause me on two seperate occasions. This is important as she will probably not approve even if i get a licence. She's going to need proof before I see the family doctor about it. As of now, she is aware that I have been sleeping irregularly since about 2001, and that It has been more severe in the past 3 weeks. If problems pursist for another week, I will ask to see the doctor about it, alone. This is such a delicate tightrop, why can't it just be legal. I just feel like crap every hour of every day, and even when i'm supposed to be able to escape reality, I can't.

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