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Sleeping Disorder!

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Sleepless, Oct 13, 2007.

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  1. Hello fellow herb lovers!
    I would like to know more about medical marijuana!
    I suffer from a Sleeping Disorder called \"Non 24 Hour Sleep Wake Syndrom\". To all those who are spektic, It\'s a real disorder... I can go on for hours on how hard to function when not knowing if you will be able to fall asleep at all this week, or maybe suddenly fall asleep for 40 hours straight... But I will spare you all the unnecessary details and cut straight to the point...

    I take all kinds of pills, nothing helps...

    I have been smoking for a year at least, and it helps me more than anything! One of the most annoying things about my condition is that I haven\'t slept one whole night without waking up atleast 10 times during the night - since age 11! (I am now 17). The only exception is when I smoke marijuana... Ive gone to sleep wasted from vodka and gross things like that, and still did not manage to sleep \"well\". Marijuana is the only thing in the world that makes me sleep well EVERY TIME...

    Do you think this disorder is enough to get medical marijuana?

  2. i couldnt say on that, ask a doctor is all i can say, but i have a similar problem i wake up many many times during the night, i just attribute it to cat and dogs moving around and being a really light sleeper.
  3. you\'ll have to wait until your 18 to get medical marijuana
  4. till hes 18? now aint that a bitch
  5. for sure, I know I gotta wait till 18,
    But does anyone know what disorder or illness makes you \"worthy\" of medical marijuana?
    Is medical marijuana strictly a \'painkiller\', or can it also be used legally to treat people with more \"bearable\" disorders? I mean, my disorder makes life hard for me, but the fact of the matter is, my disorder dosen\'t actually make me feel any \"unbearable pain\"... If I leave this disorder completly untreated I will eventually become anemic, get dehidrated very often, and probably even suffer from migranes and clinical depression (as far as physical symptoms go... Not even mentioning all the emontional problems one suffers as result of having this sleeping disorder...)

    but basically, if I keep treating this disorder the way I do today (pills), I can still live a pretty normal and functioning life, but I guess medical marijuana could be so much more fun :p

    And by the way... If I decide to actually try to do this, who exactly do I go to? Just walk down to the local family doctor and ask him to perscribe me medical marijuana?
    I guess that would be to easy... How do things actually work?

  6. Medical marijuana is used for many things beside pain. One of which is to help with sleeping disorders i believe. Also it helps people with Irritable bowel syndrome.
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