Sleep Paralysis

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  1. Does anybody else get this sometimes? I just experienced it and it sucks so much ass. I've had it most of my life. It's like, sometimes my mind will wake up, but my body is still asleep. I'm fully aware that I'm lying in my bed, but I can't for the life of me do anything. Like, I'll exert all my energy in lifting just one finger, and nothing will happen. I'll try to scream to have somebody wake me up, in my mind I can hear me screaming, but I know my lips aren't moving and I'm not making any noise at all.

    It especially sucks if I'm under a hot blanket, and my body is just overheating but there's nothing I can do about it.

    Usually I just give up and wait it out. After a while it's like a jolt, then my body wakes up. I usually jump out of bed and move all my extremities just to make sure I'm awake.

    Here's a Wikipedia article on it if you still don't know what I'm talking about...

    But yea, does anybody else get this sometimes?

    This is the first time I've had it in a few months.
  2. that is so fucking weird.. i've never heard of it before. i'm pretty much the opposite, i never stop moving when i'm sleeping, i'll wake up and like.. not be in bed anymore.. it's weird >_>
  3. man that sucks, ive only had it one time when i was extremely sick, i just woke up and couldnt move anything for like probably only a mminute or so, but it seemed like hours i was terrified
  4. yea dude ive felt EXACTLY like this on various occassions but its never after i wake up from like a night's sleep it's always when i wake up from like a short nap i sleepwalk too and i always sleepwalk either when im exhausted and fall asleep for a short nap or whenever im real stressed out or paranoid bout something i guess both mite be linked in some way
  5. I had that once when I feel asleep extremely high one night and I thought it was the coolest thing ever. It's nothing too uncommon though. Regular part of the sleep cycle you happen to be waking up in the middle of. That seems the most obvious, you never know it could be a problem though. Have you ever mentioned it to a doctor?
  6. I've had it a few times, but not recently.
  7. No I haven't, it's usually something I forget right after waking up. I remembered this time because I just got out of it and the computer was right there.

    I watched sort of a special on it. It was a show about UFO's and alien encounters. They say most of the "encounters" can be explained through sleep paralysis. People awake and their unable to move, but their mind is conscious. They hallucinate these "beings" in the room. I can sort of understand that, you sort of have like hallucinations, but I always ignore those and I'm focused on awaking my body, I get so fucking pissed when I'm in that state.

    It's like, I know exactly what's going on. I know that I'm in sleep paralysis and I need to wake my body up. I just can't do a thing about it except wait in complete discomfort until I get that jolt and snap out of it.
  8. the way you describe it sounds so awful man... shit. what if like you did that and saw someone break into your house and walk up to your bed to slit your throat while you lay helplessly. D:
  9. Well, I'm pretty sure the slightest touch from anything would make me snap out of it. My mind is like constantly prepared for that to happen. Anything to make me snap out of it.
  10. I've had it once and it was probably THE craziest thing I've ever dealt with, It happened when I was just takin a simple power nap and I didn't realize what really was goin on. I knew what sleep paralysis was but It took a while to like register, I felt like I was using every ounce of strength I had but couldn't move an inch. I started to hallucinate prolly because I was still half asleep, at least that's what I felt like...It was like a bad shroom trip, plus more. I was seeing all these colors and was having auditory hallucinations too, I was hearing all these sounds and having like a mild panic attack type of thing It was horrible :(
    It lasted a couple minutes but felt like an hour and I just jolted up finally and had cold sweats, It was unreal. Luckily I've never been in a state like that since.

    Maybe It wasn't even sleep paralysis but something related, maybe I should check into it...
  11. Yep that's it. I don't have panic attacks anymore because I'm so used to it, but I used to have them hardcore.
  12. I get them a lot. It used to freak me out until I started using it induce a lucid dream. I'm too lazy to type
  13. not much time in between when the blade first touches and when it's done eviscerating your throat..

    i'm just saying the scenario is makes me shit bricks
  14. I use to get it every night, twice a night. But that was a while ago when I was thirteen or so. Now it only happens maybe once a month.

    Though it is one of the scariest things that can ever happen to you.
  15. I had a medication for tension headaches that induced nightmares and sleep paralysis. Needless to say, I didn't take it for too long. It still happens to me every once in a while. I woke up one day a few weeks ago and swore I heard someone pounding on the bed but i couldn't say a word or move(I live alone).
  16. I've had this exact scenario since about mid to late middle school, and as of maybe the beginning of this year it's been becoming more and more frequent. I've also noticed a significant increase in the level of freaky shit that occurs in the room. I've had one where I was lying face down in the bed, and felt this weird vibe in the room, like something was there that shouldn't be. Then out of the corner of my vision I see this grotesque figure, something along the lines of a small distorted skeleton with pale thin skin stretched tightly over it with long fingers and claws, that moved along in a crawling dragging manner. At this point I was a little bit uncomfortable with what was going on and decided that I had to do something quick rather than find out what this scrawny fellow had in mind, fortunately I've discovered that if I focus all of my willpower into moving one extremity (usually mustering a jerk of the head), I can snap myself out of the paralysis, but unfortunately any immediate re-attempts at sleep usually lead to another episode.

    I've gotten curious before and little by little worked myself off the bed onto the floor then woke myself up only to find that I was still, in fact, in bed, confirming that despite the realism and terror of such episodes, it is most certainly only a dream. I've been looking into this a fair amount considering the frequency and severity of recent episodes (on average 3-4 nights a week, 6-8 times on those nights, shriveled hags and scratching at the window now a standard level of freakyshittedness), but have yet to find any kind of preventative method. I personally think that my dreams are probably on account of my biggest fear, that of being completely powerless and helpless and unable to do a thing about it. I'm not saying that anyone else who has these has similar insecurities, but there may also be psychological cues behind your collective episodes as well.

    More on this as I find out more information, or have any especially wtf dreams.
  17. This shit used to happen to me a lot, its scary as hell sometimes.
  18. i actually remember one time this happend to me... i had no idea wtf it was tho.. i guess i know now
  19. It usually happens more when you're lying on your back. It really does suck but usually if you focus all your attention on something like wiggling your toes you can wake up.
  20. ohh nah yup i use to get that too. itd scare the shit out of me
    but yup next time try do what JackBeNimble said use that state to induce some crazier shit like floating out of your body

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